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Update:  20230913


by Hal Dekker



Welcome to the LIT Downloads Page!


On this page I list all of the portions of my work which I offer to followers of the Evangelism of Jesus Christ to download for their own personal use.  None of my work is to be altered from its original downloaded form.  Please respect my own intellectual property rights.


LIT - LIT book chapters can be downloaded through copying and pasting from your screen to your word processor, accessing them from the Translation Page.




Pivot Tables - For an overview of the use and value of pivot tables and pivot charts please visit Microsoft Support:


"You can use a PivotTable to summarize, analyze, explore, and present summary data. PivotCharts complement PivotTables by adding visualizations to the summary data in a PivotTable, and allow you to easily see comparisons, patterns, and trends." - Microsoft


Although I use LibreOffice Calc, the .xls and .xlsx compatibility formats it produces are entirely compatible with MS Excel. 


I worded the data field labels in each pivot table Data sheet to somewhat characterize the the data in each field.  I use certain field names repetitively throughout as many pivot tables as I may choose to make, which allows those Data sheets to lend themselves to being accessed as separate files in data base operations.  Thereby, through use of a database program such as MS Access, each pivot table Data sheet can be linked to each other to produce larger custom, user-defined data sets, based upon key fields already common to each pivot table, such as Book_Ref, Verse_Ref, Root Word, Infl_Form, Strong's # and other fields. 


My pivot tables are based upon my LIT translation and my LITAGL, all of which I have produced for myself, to facilitate my own personal studies of God's Word, out of the OT (BHS) and NT (UBS4) biblical texts.  All downloadable files listed on this page are updated occasionally as I continue to make enhancements and refinements. 


Some pivot tables contain one or more "conclusion fields", fields of associated data which I have supplied based upon my own personal beliefs, conclusions, such as the One Body Of Christ Ref? field data in House Pivot.  In this field, based upon my own beliefs, I supplied either a Yes or No to flag for myself whether each unique Book_Ref and Verse_Ref field combination about a "house" is objectively or subjectively related to the biblical subject of the one body of Christ.  At any time going forward I may add "conclusion fields" to any of my existing pivot tables, based upon my own perceived needs, as I continue to learn more and grow in my own knowledge of the Evangelism of Jesus Christ. 


In some verses one body of Christ relationships seems obvious, but in other verses which present parables, and wordage using other figures of speech, those passages' meanings must be more closely scrutinized for allegorical and metaphorical meanings related to the one body of Christ.  Only individual disciples of Jesus Christ can make these kinds of decisions for themselves, based upon each one's own hands-on study experiences.  But I offer some of my study tools here for other disciples of Jesus Christ, if anyone may think they could be useful. 


For anyone using these pivot tables, for anyone actually looking at the biblical data, my "conclusion fields" should appear as obvious standouts.  I'm leaving these pivot tables unlocked so any disciple of Jesus can add his own "conclusion fields" if desired.  As I make changes to existing pivot tables I'll update them.  For any disciple of Jesus Christ with enough "savvy" to understand and use pivot tables, the reasons why I developed them for my own use should be self-explanatory from noticing how the various table formations present the data.


Baptize Pivot - New Update!  Exactly what various kinds of "baptisms" are written about (and therefore what kinds are not written about) in the NT biblical Greek texts (UBS4) of God's Word?


Bow Worship Pivot - The NT biblical writers didn't write about "worshipping", but bowing!


Genos Pivot - The NT biblical writers wrote about various kinds of genera relationships.   Where are they written about in the NT biblical texts, and what are they?


House Pivot - The NT biblical writers wrote about both typical and discrete "houses", and whether those "houses" are about the one body of Christ


Many more pivot tables coming soon!




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