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Chapter 4


Update:  2024.06.19


1 Thes. 4:1 (LIT/UBS4) Therefore (oun), we inquire (erōtōmen) of you (humas) and (kai) we accost (parakaloumen) [you, RE], brothers (adelphoi) remaining (loipon) in (en) [the] lord (kuriō) Jesus (Iēsou), in order that (hina) down according to as (kathōs) you received (parelabete) alongside (par’) of us (hēmōn) the (to) [belief, v3:10, RE], how (pōs) it is required (dei) of you (humas) to walk around (peripatein) and (kai) to be agreeable (areskein) to God (theō).


Down according to as (kathōs) [we walk around, RE] you walk around (peripateite) also (kai), in order that (hina) you may abound (perisseuēte) more (mallon)!


1 Thes. 4:2 (LIT/UBS4) Because (gar) you have seen (oidate) what (tinas) instructions (parangelias) we gave (edōkamen) to you (humin) through (dia) [the sake, AE] of the (tou) lord (kuriou), Jesus (Iēsou).


1 Thes. 4:3 (LIT/UBS4) Because (gar) this (touto) is (estin) [a] desire (thelēma) of the (tou) God (theou):


the (ho) holiness (hagiasmos) of you (humōn);


for you (humas) to cause yourselves to hold away (apechesthai) from (apo) the (tou) fornication (porneias);


1 Thes. 4:4 (LIT/UBS4) for each (hekaston) [brothers, v1, RE] of you (humōn) to have seen (eidenai) to cause himself to acquire (ktasthai) the (to) vessel (skeuos) of himself (heautou), in (en) to holiness (hagiasmō) and (kai) honor (timē);


1 Thes. 4:5 (LIT/UBS4) not (mē) in (en) suffering (pathos) of lust (epithumias), so be it down as (kathaper) the (ta) ethnic groups (ethnē) also (kai), the ones (ta) not (mē) having seen (eidota) the (ton) God (theon);


1 Thes. 4:6 (LIT/UBS4) for the (to) [brother, RE] not (mē) to overstep (huperbainein) and (kai) to covet (pleonektein) the (ton) brother (adelphon) of him (autou) in (en) the (tō) practical matter (pragmati);


through the reason that (dioti) [the] lord (kurios) [is] [an] avenger (ekdikos) about (peri) all (pantōn) of these things (toutōn), down according to as (kathōs) we enunciated before (proeipamen) also (kai), and (kai) we caused ourselves to thoroughly witness (diemarturametha) to you (humin)!


1 Thes. 4:7 (LIT/UBS4) Because (gar) the (ho) God (theos) absolutely did not call us aloud (ou ekalesen hēmas) over (epi) uncleanliness (akatharsia), BUT (all’), in (en) to holiness (hagiasmō)!


1 Thes. 4:8 (LIT/UBS4) therefore (toigaroun), the (ho) [brother, v6, RE] displacing (athetōn) [[a] brother, v6, RE] absolutely does not (ouk) displace (athetei) [a] mortal (anthrōpon), BUT (alla), the (ton) God (theon), the (ton) [God, RE] giving (didonta) the (to) Spirit (pneuma) of him (autou) also (kai), the (to) holy (hagion) [Spirit, RE] into (eis) you (humas)!


1 Thes. 4:9 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) about (peri) the (tēs) brotherly love (philadelphias), you absolutely do not have (ou echete) [a] need (chreian) [for me, AE] to write (graphein) to you (humin), because (gar) you (humeis) [being] of him (autoi) are (este) [brothers, v6, RE] taught of God (theodidaktoi) into (eis) the (to) [brotherly love, RE], to love (agapan) one another (allēlous);


(For all those who have received a new birth above in God’s promised gift of his paternal holy Spirit (Lev. 26:11-12; John 3:3-8; Acts 1:4; 2 Cor. 6:16-18; *1 Pet. 1:23), and for those paternal sons being taught by God (YHWH) himself, see Isa. 54:13; Jer. 31:31-34; Luke 12:12; John 5:19-20, 6:45, 14:26, 15:26, 16:13-14; 1 Cor. 1:4-8, 2:10, 12:8; 2 Cor. 5:19; Gal. 1:12; Eph. 4:20-21; 1 Thes. 4:9; 2 Tim. 2:7; Heb. 8:8-12, 10:16-17; James 1:5-6; 1 John 2:27, 5:20)


1 Thes. 4:10 (LIT/UBS4) and (kai) because (gar) you do (poiete) it (auto) into (eis) all (pantas) of the (tas) brothers (adelphous), of the (tous) [brothers, RE] in (en) the (tē) whole (holē) Macedonia (Makedonia)!


But (de) we accost (parakaloumen) you (humas), brothers (adelphoi), to abound (perisseuein) more (mallon),


1 Thes. 4:11 (LIT/UBS4) and (kai) to aspire (philotimeisthai) [to abound, v10, RE];


to refrain (hēsuchazein) [from covetousness and uncleanliness, v6-7, RE], and (kai) to habitually practice (prassein) the things (ta) of your own (idia);


and (kai) to cause yourselves to work (ergazesthai) the (tais) hands (chersin) of you (humōn) for your own things (idiais), down according to as (kathōs) we gave instructions (parēngeilamen) to you (humin);


1 Thes. 4:12 (LIT/UBS4) in order that (hina) you may walk around (peripatēte) well-planned (euschēmonōs) toward (pros) the (tous) [brothers, v10, RE] outside (exō), and (kai) you may have (echēte) [a] need (chreian) of not one (mēdenos) [thing, AE]!


(For examples of the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, and disciples of Christ Jesus NOT selling or bartering the knowledge and things of God for personal gain, or of NOT accepting money or personal gifts for themselves, but rather working with their own hands to provide for their own personal necessary needs, see Mat. 5:42-48, 10:8; Luke 7:19-22, 41-43; Acts 8:9-24, 18:1-3, 20:33-35; Rom. 3:24, 8:32; 1 Cor. 2:12, 4:12, 4:1-13, 9:3-23, 16:1-4; 2 Cor. 11:7, 12:13-19; Eph. 4:28; 1 Thes. 4:11-12; 2 Thes. 3:6-12; 1 Tim. 3:3; Titus 1:11; 3 John 1:6-7; Rev. 21:6, 22:17)


1 Thes. 4:13 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) we absolutely do not desire (ou thelomen) you (humas) to be ignorant (agnoein), brothers (adelphoi), about (peri) the (tōn) [brothers, RE] being caused to rest (koimōmenōn), in order that (hina) you may not be caused to grieve (mē lupēsthe) down according to as (kathōs) the (hoi) remaining (loipoi) [brothers, RE] also (kai), the (hoi) [brothers, RE] not (mē) having (echontes) hope (elpida).


1 Thes. 4:14 Because (gar) if (ei) we believe (pieteuomen) that (hoti) Jesus (Iēsous) died away (apethanen) and (kai) stood up (anestē), thusly (houtōs) the (ho) God (theos), through (dia) the (tou) Jesus (Iēsou), shall lead (axei) together with (sun) him (autō) the (tous) [brothers, v13, ER] having been caused to rest (koimēthentas).


1 Thes. 4:15 (LIT/UBS4) Because (gar) we say (legomen) this (touto) to you (humin) in (en) [a] Word (logō) of [the] lord (kuriou), that (hoti) we (hēmeis), the (hoi) [brothers, v13, ER] living (zōntes), the (hoi) [brothers, v13, ER] being left around behind (perileipomenoi) unto (eis) the (tēn) presence (parousia) of the (tou) lord (kuriou), <we may> no (mē), absolutely not (ou) come sooner (phthasōmen) [than, AE] the (tous) [brothers, v13, ER] having been caused to rest (koimēthentas)!


1 Thes. 4:16 (LIT/UBS4) Because (hoti) the (ho) lord (kurios) himself (autos), in (en) [a] command (keleusmati) in (en) [the] voice (phōnē) of [the] first messenger743 (archangelou), and (kai) in (en) [a] trumpet (salpingi) of God (theou), he shall cause himself to step down (katabēsetai) from (ap’) heaven (ouranou).


(For the Word being a created spirit-based being in the beginning, which was a messenger of God, the first messenger, and the first thing produced by God of all of the creation, who later became Jesus Christ in the flesh, see Prov. 8:22-31; Dan. 3:25-28; John 1:1-3; Col. 1:14-20; Heb. 1:1-13, 2:7-9, 3:2.)


(For an outline of Jesus Christ’s accomplishments in his earthly agency to his heavenly Father, see the note under Mat. 3:17.)


And (kai) the (hoi) dead (nekroi) [brothers, v13, ER] in (en) Christ (Christō) shall cause themselves to stand up (anastēsontai) first (prōton);


1 Thes. 4:17 (LIT/UBS4) thereupon (epeita) we (hēmeis), the (hoi) [brothers, v13, ER] living (zōntes), the (hoi) [brothers, v13, ER] being left around behind (perileipomenoi), we shall be snatched (harpagēsometha) at the same time (hama) together with (sun) them (autois), in (en) [the] clouds (nephelais), into (eis) [a] meeting (apantēsin) of the (tou) lord (kuriou) in (en) [the] air (aera).


And (kai) thusly (houtōs) we shall be (esometha) together with (sun) [the] lord (kuriō) always (pantote)!


1 Thes. 4:18 (LIT/UBS4) And so (hōste) console (parakaleite) one another (allēlous) in (en) the (tois) words (logois) of these (toutois).