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Chapter 22


22:1 “Males (andres), brothers (adelphoi), and (kai) fathers (pateres), hear (akousate) the (tēs) defence (apologias) of me (mou) to (pros) you (humas) now at this moment (nuni).”


22:2 But (de) they having heard (akousantes) that (hoti) he was making [a] sound toward (prosephōnei) them (autois) [in, AE] the (tē) Hebrew (Hebraidi) dialect (dialektō), they held alongside (pareschon) more (mallon) silent (hēsuchian).


And (kai) he shed light (phēsin),


22:3 “I (egō) am (eimi) [a] Judean (Ioudaios) male (anēr), having been generated (gegennēmenos) in (en) Tarsus (Tarsō) of the (tēs) Cilicia (Kilikias), but (de) one having been fed (anatethrammenos) in (en) the (tē) city (polei), this one (tautē), alongside (para) the (tous) feet (podas) of Gamaliel (Gamaliēl);


one having been child-trained (pepaideumenos) down according to (kata) [the] exactness (akribeian) of the (tou) patriarchal (patrōou) law (nomou), being one under control (huparchōn), [a] zealous one (zēlōtēs) of the (tou) God (theou), down as (kathōs) all (pantes) you (humeis) are (este) today (sēmeron);


22:4 one who (hos) pursued (ediōxa), until (achri) death (thanatou), both (te) males (andras) and (kai) females (gunaikas) of the (tēn) way (hodon) of this (tautēn), binding (desmeuōn) and (kai) passing [them, AE] aside (paradidous) into (eis) guardrooms (phulakas);


22:5 as (hōs) the (ho) chief sacrificial priest (archiereus) also (kai) witnesses (marturei) to me (moi), and (kai) all (pan) of the (to) presbytery (presbuterion);


alongside (par’) of whom (hōn) having caused myself to receive (dexamenos) epistles (epistolas) also (kai), I was causing myself to go (eporeuomēn) into (eis) Damascus (Damaskon) to (pros) the (tous) brothers (adelphous);


they having been bound (dedemenous), leading away (axōn) into (eis) Jerusalem (Hierousalēm) the ones (tous) also (kai) being (ontas) there (ekeise), in order that (hina) they may be redressed (timōrēthōsin).


22:6 But (de) it caused itself to come to pass (egeneto) to me (moi) [while, AE] I was causing myself to go (poreuomenō):


And (kai) I coming near1448 (engizonti) to the (tē) Damascus (Damaskō) around (peri) mid-day (mesēmbrian), suddenly (exaiphnēs) out (ek) of the (tou) heaven (ouranou) [a] suitable amount (hikanon) of light (phōs) flashed about (periastrapsai) around (peri) me (eme),


22:7 and (te) I fell4098 (epesa) into (eis) the (to) floor (edaphos)!


And (kai) I heard (ēkousa) [a] voice (phōnēs) saying (legousēs) to me (moi), "Saul (Saoul), Saul (Saoul), why (ti) do you pursue (diōkeis) me (me)?"


22:8 But (de) I (egō) was caused to make [a] decision (apekrithēn), ‘Who (tis) are you (ei), lord (kurie)!?’


And (te) he enunciated (eipen) to (pros) me (me), "I (egō) am (eimi) Jesus (Iēsous), the (ho) Nazarene (Nazōraios), whom (hon) you (su) pursue (diōkeis)."


22:9 But (de) the ones (hoi) being (ontes) together with (sun) me (emoi), truly (men) they made themselves spectators (etheasanto) of the (to) light (phōs)!


But (de) they absolutely did not hear (ouk ēkousan) the (tēn) voice (phōnēn) of the (tou) [Jesus, v8, RE] speaking (lalountos) to me (moi)!


22:10 But (de) I enunciated (eipon), "What (ti) may I do (poiēsō), lord (kurie)!?"


But (de) the (ho) lord (kurios) enunciated (eipen) to (pros) me (me), "Having stood up (anastas), cause yourself to go (poreuou) into (eis) Damascus (Damaskon);


and there (kakei) it shall be spoken (lalēthēsetai) to you (soi) about (peri) all things (pantōn) which (hōn) have been arranged (tetaktai) for you (soi) to do (poiēsai)."


22:11 But (de) as (hōs) I was absolutely not seeing (ouk eneblepon) from (apo) the (tēs) glory (doxēs) of the (tou) light (phōtos) of that (ekeinou), being led by the hand (cheiragōgoumenos) under (hupo) [authority, AE] of the ones (tōn) being together with (sunontōn) me (moi) I came (ēlthon) into (eis) Damascus (Damaskon).


22:12 But (de) Ananias (Ananias), [a] certain (tis) well-received (eulabēs) male (anēr) down according to (kata) the (ton) law (nomon), he being one well witnessed to (marturoumenos) under (hupo) [authority, AE] of all (pantōn) of the (tōn) Judeans (Ioudaiōn) homing down (katoikountōn) [in Damascus, v11, RE],


22:13 he having come (elthōn) to (pros) me (me), and (kai) he having stood over (epistas) [me, RE], he enunciated (eipen) to me (moi), "Brother (adelphe) Saul (Saoul), look up (anablepson)."


And I (kagō), [in, AE] the (tē) same (autē) hour (hōra) I looked up (aneblepsa) into (eis) him (auton)!


22:14 But (de) the (ho) [Ananias, v12, RE] enunciated (eipen), "The (ho) God (theos) of the (tōn) fathers (paterōn) of us (hēmōn) caused himself to hand-choose (proecheirisato) you (se) to know (gnōnai) the (to) desire (thelēma) of him (autou), and (kai) to see (idein) the (ton) righteous one (dikaion), and (kai) to hear (akousai) [a] sound (phōnēn) out (ek) of the (tou) mouth (stomatos) of him (autou);


22:15 that (hoti) you shall cause yourself to be (esē) [a] witness (martus) to him (autō) to (pros) all (pantas) mortals (anthrōpous), of which things (hōn) you have gazed at (heōrakas) and (kai) you heard (ēkousas).


22:16 And (kai) now (nun) what (ti) are you about (melleis) [to do, AE]?


Having stood up (anastas) baptize yourself (baptisai), and (kai) bathe yourself (apolousai) of the (tas) sins (hamartias) of you (sou), having caused yourself to call aloud upon (epikalesamenos) the (to) name (onoma) of him (autou)."


(For what is the scriptural definition of the meaning of, “being baptized in the name of…”, compare Mat. 28:19; John 5:37-43, 10:25, 13:6-15; Acts 4:7, 9:17-18, 19:5, 22:16; Rom. 1:1-6; Eph. 5:26; Titus 3:5; Rev. 1:5)


22:17 But (de) it caused itself to come to pass (egeneto) to me (moi), I having returned (hupostrepsanti) into (eis) Jerusalem (Hierousalēm), and (kai) of me (mou) causing myself to be well-thankful to4336 (proseuchomenou) [God, AE] in (en) the (tō) sacred place (hierō), it caused itself to come to pass (genesthai) for me (me) [to be] in (en) [an] ecstasy (ekstasei),


22:18 and (kai) to see (idein) him (auton) saying (legonta) to me (moi), "Make haste (speuson), and (kai) go out (exelthe) in (en) [a] hurry (tachei), out (ex) of Jerusalem (Hierousalēm);


through [the sake, AE] of that (dioti) they shall absolutely not cause themselves to receive alongside (ou paradexontai) [a] witness (marturian) of you (sou) about (peri) me (emou)!"


22:19 And I (kagō) enunciated (eipon), "Lord (kurie), they can cause themselves to put together (autoi epistantai) that (hoti) I (egō) was (ēmēn) putting in guardrooms (phulakizōn) and (kai) skinning1194 (derōn) the ones (tous) believing (pisteuontas) upon (epi) you (se), down throughout (kata) the (tas) synagogues (sunagōgas).


22:20 And (kai) when (hote) the (to) blood (haima) of the (tou) witness (marturos) of you (sou), Stephen (Stephanou), was being poured out (exechunneto), myself (autos) also (kai) was being (ēmēn) one having loomed over (ephestōs) [him, AE], and (kai) one well approving together with (suneudokōn) [them, AE], and (kai) one keeping watchful guard (phulassōn) of the (ta) outer garments (himatia) of the ones (tōn) annihilating (anairountōn) him (auton)."


22:21 And (kai) he enunciated (eipen) to (pros) me (me), "Cause yourself to go (poreuou), because (hoti) I (egō) shall send you out (exapostelō se) into (eis) ethnic groups (ethnē) far off (makran)."


22:22 And (kai) until (achri) this (toutou) they were hearing kouon) the (tou) word (logou) of him (autou).


And (kai) they lifted up (epēran) the (tēn) voice (phōnēn) of them (autōn), saying (legontes), "Remove (aire) the (ton) one like this (toiouton) from (apo) the (tēs) land (gēs), because (gar) it is absolutely not coming down (kathēken) [from us, AE] for him (auton) to live (zēn)!"


22:23 And (kai) of them (autōn) shouting (kraugazontōn), and (kai) [of them, ER] flinging (rhiptountōn) the (ta) outer garments (himatia), and (kai) [of them, ER] throwing (ballontōn) dust (koniorton) into (eis) the (ton) air (aera),


22:24 the (ho) tribune (chiliarchos) ordered (ekeleusen) him (auton) to be led in (eisagesthai) into (eis) the (tēn) auxiliary encampment (parembolēn), he having enunciated (eipas) for him (auton) to be examined (anetazesthai) [with, AE] scourges (mastixin);


in order that (hina) he may experientially know (epignō) through (di’) [the sake, AE] of which (hēn) cause (aitian) thusly (houtōs) they were being louder (epephōnoun) [than, AE] him (autō).


22:25 But (de) as (hōs) they stretched him out (proeteinan auton) for the (tois) thongs (himasin), the (ho) Paul (Paulos) enunciated (eipen) to (pros) the (ton) centurion (hekatontarchon) having stood (hestōta) [by, AE], if (ei) “Is it being outside1832 (exestin) [of the law, AE] for you (humin) to scourge (mastizein) [a] Roman (Rhōmaion) mortal (anthrōpon), and (kai) one uncondemned (akatakriton)!?”


22:26 But (de) the (ho) centurion (hekatontarchēs) having heard (akousas), he having come to (proselthōn) the (tō) tribune (chiliarchō), he reported (apēngeilen) saying (legōn), “What (ti) are you about (melleis) to do (poiein)?


Because (gar) the (ho) mortal (anthrōpos), this one (houtos), is (estin) [a] Roman (Rhōmaios)!”


22:27 But (de) the (ho) tribune (chiliarchos) having come to (proselthōn) [Paul, v25, RE], he enunciated (eipen) to him (autō), “Say (lege) to me (moi), are (ei) you (su) [a] Roman (Rhōmaios)?”


But (de) the (ho) [Paul, v25, RE] shed light (ephē), “Yes (nai)!”


22:28 But (de) the (ho) tribune (chiliarchos) was caused to make [a] decision (apekrithē), “I (egō) caused myself to acquire (ektēsamēn) the (tēn) citizenship (politeian) of this (tautēn) [with, AE] much (pollou) head-cost2774 (kephalaiou)!"  


But (de) the (ho) Paul (Paulos) shed light5346 (ephē), “And (kai), but (de) I (egō) have been generated (gegennēmai) [into, AE] [citizenship, RE]!”


22:29 Therefore (oun), the ones (hoi) being about (mellontes) to make [an] examination (anetazein) of him (auto), and (kai) the (ho) tribune (chiliarchos), straightaway (eutheōs) they departed away (apestēsan) from (ap’) him (autou).


But (de) [the tribune, v28, RE] was made fearful (ephobēthē), he having experientially known (epignous) that (hoti) he is (estin) [a] Roman (Rhōmaios), and (kai) that (hoti) he was being (ēn) one having bound (dedekōs) him (auton).


22:30 But (de) upon the morrow (tē epaurion), he wishing (boulemenos) to know (gnōnai) the (to) [cause, v24, RE] for sure (asphales), the (to) [cause, v24, RE] for why (ti) he is publicly accused (katēgoreitai) under (hupo) [authority, AE] of the (tōn) Judeans (Ioudaiōn), he let him loose (elusen auton).


And (kai) he ordered (ekeleusen) the (tous) chief sacrificial priests (archiereis) and (kai) all (pan) of the (to) Sanhedrin (sunedrion) to come together (sunelthein).


And (kai) he having led down (katagagōn) the (ton) Paul (Paulon), he stood (estēsen) [him, AE] into (eis) them (autous).