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Home of the Literal Idiomatic Translation (LIT) of the

New Testament of the Bible. 


Latest update: 2015.01.21


Welcome to you.  My name is Hal Dekker.


I am the translator of the Literal Idiomatic Translation (LIT), which is based upon the UBS4 eclectic Greek text of the new testament of the Bible. 


What's unique about the LIT is that it simply quotes the ancient writers of the new testament Greek texts of the Bible.  If you may have already assumed that Bibles in general are quotes of what the ancient biblical writers wrote then you may be surprised to learn that they are not, and never have been.   Virtually all English Bibles quote only single words correctly here and there, maybe half of the time, but seldom whole sentences.  In whole they are constant theological paraphrases of what someone, or a group of people, think the ancient writers may have or should have said


The claim that a translation which simply quotes the ancient writers of the Biblical texts is not possible to make because it wouldn't make sense in English, that a "word for word" translation is not possible, is a lie. 


Who tells this lie? 


The people responsible for this lie are the same ones who create paraphrased translations instead of translations which simply quote the ancient writers of the holy scriptures. 


Why tell this lie? 


The lie is told so people will accept Bibles made of theologically biased paraphrases which contain many elements of mortal-made theological theories injected into them to replace what the ancient writers actually wrote, to replace the orthodoxy which Jesus Christ and his apostle preached and taught.   This is how the "orthodox" corruption of the holy scriptures is actually accomplished by the devil, through putting out there so many various Bible translations that no one can tell which one is actually telling the truth of God's Word. 


Guess what?  The best translation out there isn't a translation over which millions of dollars has been spent to publish it, then hype it in huge marketing campaigns, and then sell it for the purpose of making millions of dollars off from it!  Selling Bibles is BIG, BIG business!  Get it.  That's why they keep coming out with new "translations".  How many different Bible "translations" do you have on your shelf?  Get ready to buy another one.  A brand new "translation" and marketing campaign for it are just around the corner.


Which English "translations" are affected? 


This erroneous "translation" process has been standardized for hundreds of years now, and has been (and still is) used to create virtually all known English "translations", and I'm guessing, virtually all translations in any language in the world!  New Bible "translations" promise to "shed new light" on passages which before were considered obscure.  What?  Do they mean dozens of previous "translations" all got it wrong?  I'm one of those people to whom the smell of that seems somewhat fishy.


In virtually all English translations, and likely for any language translation, Bible readers are not always reading what the ancient writers of the holy scriptures actually wrote; and they are not more often than they are!  This is the most important reason I began to create the LIT, because I wanted to know exactly what did the ancient writers of the ancient texts of a Bible actually write.  If you wish, you can compare your theologically biased translation to the LIT here at this website.  Please believe me, I know that it's theologically biased, which showing those biases is another purpose of this website. 


Why not get out your concordances, analytical Greek lexicons and reference books and check the LIT translation out for yourselves, if you can, and then discover why your favorite Bible, for which you paid a very handsome price, is so different in what it says from verse to verse.  Many verses in the LIT will appear totally different to you than what you "translation" says.  This is because they have not been fudged for theological reasons, but simply quote what the ancient writer actually wrote.  


The mainstream of self-proclaimed Bible "experts" in the world, who are the majority, have bought into mortal-made theological theories invented over the last two thousand years over what the ancient Biblical writers actually wrote.  Virtually all English Bible "translations" use paraphrasing abundantly to subtly alter the orthodoxy which Jesus Christ and his apostles preached, taught and wrote.  This is why they haven't produced a Bible which simply quotes the ancient scriptural writers! 


The omniscient God who created the heavens and earth is not a fool as modern omniscient "scholars" portray him.  If the God wanted the 4th century mortal-made theological theories which are taught today as being Christian, taught by Christ Jesus back then, then that's what Christ Jesus and his apostles would have preached, taught and wrote back then!  God and His son Christ Jesus didn't make a mistake by preaching and teaching a heretical orthodoxy that needed to be fixed later by 4th century omniscient "scholars"! 


Ask yourself this:  How many quotes can there possibly be?  At this moment there is only one translation which actually quotes (no more no less!) the ancient Biblical writers, the LIT.  The LIT clearly shows the orthodoxy which Christ Jesus and his apostles preached, taught and wrote in the early first century, which orthodoxy is now considered heresy by modern theological "Christianity" which was invented in the 4th century by omniscient scholars (2 Cor. 10:3-6). 


In the future some Bible publishing cartel(s) may produce a "quote" themselves.  But keep your concordances, analytical lexicons and Greek reference books handy, because their game will stay the same; they'll still be counting on the reader not being able to tell if their translations actually quote the ancient writers.  The LIT is an interlinear style translation which shows you each and every actual Greek inflected form (UBS4) right next to its English equivalent, word for word.  This is the only way an honest translation can be made which doesn't hide anything from the reader, and puts the power of checking a translation for accuracy, any translation, into the reader's hands. 


Please see my page Christianity's Big Ugly Secret under the sub-heading Definition of Unnecessary Paraphrasing to learn exactly how easy it is to produce a "word for word" English translation from the Greek texts, which demonstrates how and why paraphrasing is unnecessary.  You REAL disciples of Christ Jesus may wish to get started reprogramming your brain with exactly what the ancient writers of the holy scriptures actually wrote, which is the true orthodoxy which Christ Jesus and his apostles actually preached and taught, instead of continuing to feed on an idolatrous mortal-made false Christianity invented in the 4th century, which I call Constantinian "Christianity".


A Paradigm Shift In The Level Of Sincerity For Truth In Translation


In all cultures on the planet it is considered a high honor, and the highest form of flattery, to be quoted by your peers.  The purpose for quoting what anyone has said or wrote is to imply that what they said, and how they said it, is so awesome and uniquely perfect as it stands that to paraphrase it would be a grave act of disrespect and an extreme injustice to the author.  It's a fact that most all leadership and scholarship in modern "Christianity" doesn't give the God, His son Christ Jesus, and God's mouthpieces and agents, the prophets and apostles, the same level of respect!  They'll read the paraphrased Bible they're holding (which they invented), but they won't quote what the ancient writers actually wrote!  They'll read their paraphrased "translations", and then they'll say, "See, it's in the Bible!"  And of course everyone sitting in the pews, who have only an hour to spare, sit there getting spoon-fed with that swill like dumb animals.


If you were to read for yourself what the ancient writers of the new testament actually wrote, preserved in the existing copies of various Greek texts, you reading for yourself their exact words, phrases, clauses, sentences and paragraphs, to determine for yourself what they may have meant to say, then much of it would appear to you to disagree with some of the well known teachings of modern Christianity.  And that is because much of what the ancient writers actually wrote does disagree!  The only way anyone can see this for themselves is to actually read the Greek texts and then compare them, word for word and line by line, to any of many English translations.  That's when you'll see the many differences in meanings between what the ancient writers actually wrote and said compared to supposed "translations" of those writings, i.e., Bibles.


This not only leads to an obvious conclusion that there are many serious theological differences between what the ancient writers said and meant and what Bibles present to us as supposed "Christian" theology, but this leads to a serious question also, "Why is there an apparent need to make English translations say many different things than what the ancient writers actually wrote?"  The truth is ugly, which is that certain people who have lived at certain times in history thought they were omniscient enough to know better about what the ancient writers should have said when they wrote, and that is why much of what they wrote is ignored and replaced in "translations" with what those people have theologized is the "truth".   And then those mortal-made theories are passed off in Bibles which makes those theories appear to be what the ancient writers actually wrote.  Doesn't that seem to you to be deceitful? 


Why don't they simply quote what the ancient biblical writers wrote, and then in another, separate book, write down their own theological theories, and then let people decide for themselves after comparing them side by side, what they choose to believe?  This is why I began the Literal Idiomatic Translation, to get a good, clean translation of the subject matters about which the ancient biblical writers actually wrote, totally unmixed with any mortal-made theological theories fudged into them.


The end result of paraphrasing translations is that those people living today who are in positions of teaching and preaching, who have been programmed with all of those mortal-made theological theories which have been proposed and adopted over the centuries, now have fudged Bibles which also support those mortal-made theories.  Yes, it's true, many of the subject matters which are taught in "Christianity" today are mortal-made theological theories which have been invented / developed (you can decide which word sounds more convincing) over the last two millenniums.  These theological theories / ideas are fudged into Bible "translations" to replace what the ancient writers wrote, because much of what they wrote is considered theologically wrong, compared to those mortal-made invented theological theories. 


Oh, you didn't know that?  Who's to be blamed for that?  Now God is blamed for not doing signs, miracles and wonders now days in people's lives.  Maybe it's not because God has changed (Psalm 89:34; Mal. 3:6) but it's because people are no longer believing His Word, but being taught to believe mortal-made theological theories in place of God's truth!


Today, much of what the ancient writers actually wrote as "truth" is considered heresy, such as in John 1:1, Php. 2:6, Titus 2:13, Heb, 1:1-, (and many, many more!) compared to modern mortal-made theological theories which have been invented over the last two thousand years and fudged into Bibles.  The ancient writers claim they wrote under inspiration of holy Spirit working in and through them (2 Pet. 1:20-21), as God's agents, which implies that what they wrote, and how they wrote it is by holy and righteous design, Godly design.  Most all modern theologians don't believe that's true, and that's why mortal-made theological theories are "translated" into Bibles to replace much of what those writers actually said.  Everyone reading Bibles thinks and believes they are reading what the ancient writers actually wrote, apostles Paul, Peter, John, and others.  That's the whole idea and purpose of the trick!  If those mortal-made theological theories are sneaked into the writings of the apostles, then you won't question them.  Even replacing what Christ Jesus said is not taboo to them!


Most all preachers in pulpits have little clue of what the copies of the Greek texts actually say, and that they say things very different in very many places from what English Bible "translations" say.  I believe most, from what I've heard come out of their mouths, don't have an in-depth knowledge of God's Word which can only come from being very familiar with the Greek texts themselves.  What I hear them speak is mortal-made theologies while referencing a certain passage or passages in their fudged Bibles.  And they have already been trained by other mortals, their teachers, to be omniscient themselves, they can't be wrong.  They've already been taught, and have swallowed the idea, that whatever the ancient writers, prophets, and apostles may have written, that any single sentence that they may have written can't possibly have a definite, undeniable, and indisputable concrete meaning.  And to them this is why "God's Word" is not worth quoting!  They believe God's Word can't really be known but only guessed at.  And so much of what they teach is the most widely accepted guesswork, the theories of famous "theologians", and that's the amalgamation that is taught as Christianity today. 


Fudging in mortal-made theological theories into those writer's writings to produce a Bible of some kind is a form of reverse plagiarism.  Reverse plagiarism occurs when an author uses an already existing work done by someone else to insert his own ideas into that work; the goal being to make the readers of this modified text believe that the inserted theological ideas of the second writer are actually the ideas and work of the original writer, and were present in his writings all along, thereby using the name and reputation of the original writer to give credence and authority to the second writer's own fudged-in theological ideas.  This describes exactly how Bibles are presently produced, and have always been produced. 


This amalgamation of mortal-made theological theories into the writings of the ancient biblical author's is especially true for many of the theological elements of the mortal-made triune godhead theory, invented in the 4th century.  Many of its theological elements have been and are still presently being word-sculpted together into Bibles in the forms of paraphrases and creative "synonyms", to fudge-in unscriptural terminology and ideas which were absolutely not present in the mind or writings of the original writers of the Biblical texts.  The triune godhead theory was not invented until the fourth century after Christ Jesus died and was raised up.


This ungodly amalgamation process fractures the continuity of scriptural terminology and their associated ideas, and subsequently forces a reader to use computer software to do searches on specific Hebrew and Greek words and terms, using a word numbering system of some kind, usually Strong's, to discover all of the scriptural passages where that specific word or term and its specific meaning is used, or give up studying and accept the mass confusion generated through simply reading a fudged English Bible "translation".  This is how the devil has destroyed a reader's ability to be able to track, through simply reading, the vitally important subject matters of the mysteries in God's Word, throughout God's Word. 


All of the mysteries introduced in God's Word have been revealed since the coming of God's new covenant which Christ Jesus put through in his own blood, and which Christ Jesus and his apostles Paul, Peter, John and James have explained in their writings.  And other writings also have explained them, other writings not included with the preselected sixty six books presently in the Bible.  But those explanations of those various mysteries have been fudged out of English "translations" in favor of presenting the mortal-made invented theological theory centered around a triune godhead, through paraphrasing, creative synonyming, and word-sculpting English translations.  I'm guessing translations in most all other languages have been given the same treatment. 


The LIT quotes in English exactly what the ancient writers of the new testament of the Bible actually wrote, which is easily far more accurate than other blatantly theologically fudged English translations.  What the ancient biblical writers wrote needs no revisions!  It needs no addendums,  paraphrasings, creative synonymings, or invented terminology to explain it.  What God did through Christ Jesus, and what Christ Jesus did through his own apostles, and what has already been written about it is completed and finished!  God's plan of the ages for mortalkind's redemption through His son Christ Jesus, is perfect already, just the way God originally designed it.  His plan is already perfect.  His Word and His plan need no fixing from egomaniacal and omniscient mortals, with wild theological imaginations.  The existing historical writings by His prophets and Christ's apostles need no theological repair work coming from subsequently invented theological theories!


Today, in modern "Christianity", the knowledge of the mysteries, of how a believer can manifest the power of God's Spirit within him through learning the mysteries of discipleship, and of sonship to God - godliness, is forsaken!  Subsequently, and unfortunately for modern Christians, on account of their belief in mortal-made theories instead of the veracity of God's Word, prayers seldom get answered if at all, and believers have no clue about what is the spiritual battle they are in.  Most Christians I see are continuing to get their butts kicked daily by the devil and all of his little demon spirits, and they have no clue as to what is going on.  On account of the pervasiveness of modern theological theories believers are not taught what is, and how to fight, the ageless spiritual battle, how to detect demon spirits stalking them, and detect demon spirit activities, and how to bind them and throw them out in the name of Christ Jesus.  Through not teaching this vital subject matter, demonology, or pneumatology if you like that better, it treats it as heresy, and insinuates that it's normal for believers in the name of Jesus Christ to be defeated by the devil and demon spirits.


Modern "Christianity" generally doesn't teach:


- that we are more than conquerors now (Rom. 8:37), through being able to manifest God's Spirit in us in any of the nine ways given in 1 Cor. 12;


- and that God is leading us triumphantly, not defeatedly (2 Cor. 2:14);


- and that it is the power of the resurrected Christ in us who have believed upon his name (2 Cor. 13:3-5; Col. 1:27-29);


- and what is the overthrowing greatness of the work of inherent power of God into us who believe (Eph. 1:17-20; 2 Tim. 1:7);


- and that we can quench all of the fiery darts of the evil one (the devil or demon spirits) (Eph. 6:11-18);


- and that God's Spirit can and will energize in us who believe (Php. 2:13; 1 Thes. 2:13);


- and that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Php. 4:13);


- and that greater is He (the Spirit of God) in us than the (spirit of antichrist) in the world (1 John 4:4);


- and that anyone who has been generated out of God, anyone who has received God's gift of his holy Spirit into them and has become a son of Him, conquerors the cosmos (1 John 5:3-5)!


Modern mortal-made theologically-based "Christianity" doesn't teach this subject matter, but asserts that God doesn't do miracles any more.  Modern "Christianity" teaches that any believers who literally believe these new covenant great and precious promises of God are heretical in their beliefs!  Most all mortal-made theologically-based translations are reworded to obfuscate and play down this subject of God's Spirit working in and through believers, as His agents, those who have believed upon the precious name of Jesus.  The subject of agency is taboo in modern "Christianity", and thereby in virtually all English translations, except the LIT, which simply quotes the ancient writers of the biblical texts!


The LIT isn't designed or intended to prove or disprove any theological theories, but to simply show in English exactly what did the ancient writers actually write, through quoting them.  If while quoting the ancient writers of the Bible the LIT can't produce any special terminology favored by any given theological theory, or denomination, that's simply coincidental.  The "theology" the ancient writers believed, and the terminology they used to describe it, was passed down to them from God's Spirit, His prophets, His son Christ Jesus, and Jesus' apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.  The ancient writers of the Greek texts of the Bible invented nothing of their own.  But they were faithful agents of the God, and they faithfully preserved for us in their writings the ancient truth of God's Word, as they were taught it by God Himself and his son Christ Jesus, using the exact terminology they were taught, which terms lead back into the old testament prophecies about those mysteries.


In the LIT the absence of extra-Biblical theological terminology invented at any time in history, which came subsequent to the completed texts of the new testament writers, may be a bit surprising for some readers after reading other translations.  This is because the modern perceptions Christianity has today from reading modern translations, and being taught mortal-made theologies, varies quite considerably from what the writers of the ancient texts of the Bible actually thought, spoke and wrote about the orthodoxy they received and believed.  The LIT presents a quote of what the ancients writers actually wrote, and the way they wrote it, using their exact terminology and wording. 


While attending my father's funeral one of the attendees approached me to offer his condolences.  Previously he and his female companion were pointed out to me and I was informed that they were friends of some of my family, and they attended a church with them.  During our conversation he asked me what I do.   Since I study and translate the new testament Greek texts of the Bible daily, I told him I translate Greek biblical texts for a living, but not for money.  I told him I'm creating the world's first English translation of the new testament of the bible which simply quotes the ancient writers.  His immediate response to me was, "Who would want to read such a thing?" 


I was appalled at his answer, since I never expected such a question from a self-proclaimed Christian, someone who supposedly loves the God our heavenly Father with all of his heart, soul, mind and strength.  My reply to him was, "Anyone who cares to know exactly what God has actually said!"  When I went on to inform him how I have discovered that virtually all English Bible translations are chocked full of mortal-made theological alterations from what the ancient writers actually wrote, he was in total denial that that could possibly be true!  He was afraid to peek behind the curtain.  He would rather stay blissfully ignorant than discover that much of what he believes is Christianity is made up of mostly mortal-made religious theories, which were invented subsequent to when and what the biblical writers actually wrote.  He didn't dare take a chance on finding out how much of what he believes is actually mortal-made religious crap, because he really didn't love God enough with all of his heart, soul, mind and strength to believe it was worth checking for himself. 


From my conversations with many other Christians virtually everyone's response to me is the same, an exclamatory denial that this could possibly be true.  This indicates to me how "Christianity" deliberately keeps its followers ignorant of church history, of pagan theologies believed throughout the world, and the church's own battles with and adoptions of various mortal-made theological theories invented over the last two millenniums.  With the exception of some almost meaningless surface-level generalities about the origins of chapter and verse markings, the very important issues related to the origin of modern Christian "orthodoxy" are kept hushed. 


For example:  of the hundreds of ancient Biblical subject matter-related texts in circulation in the first century, who decided for me which ones I should and should not read?  "Here, you can read only these sixty six!"  What was the subject matter of those lost texts, and where are the ones which still exist?  Why are they locked away and kept hidden and secret in the catacombs and vaults of denominational organizations?  Don't those texts belong to everyone?  I'll bet the people who wrote those texts wanted everyone to read them.  You think hiding and burying hundreds, if not thousands, of ancient Biblically-related texts from everyone's eyes is not manipulative, so that their own version of "Christianity" is the only one allowed to be seen?  Fortunately we're beginning to be able to see more and more previously hidden texts being made available for viewing on the WWW in their native languages, before any more theologically interpretive fudging is done to them, or they are "accidentally" destroyed.  Are you naive enough to believe the devil has nothing to do with this? 


Who destroyed the texts which were destroyed, and why?  Did those "church leaders" who were hating and killing people in the name of God wish to pass on their own personal mortal-made theological theories in place of most all of those lost ancient texts?  Did they wish to create future "Christians" in their own "image"?  Who were the ones who burned, several times, the library of Alexandria, and then subsequently kept on burning the little collections of remaining books pulled from ashes, to try and totally wipe out the records of human knowledge and history up until their time?  Read about it!  Weren't they egomaniacal theologically omniscient religious and "Christian" leaders?  Hint:  Start your history lessons with Constantine, 4th century!  And you may be appalled at my announcement that many English Bible translations are more or less theologically falsified fabrications in much of their content?  You can sleep in church from 9 to 12, because it's all "Mary had a little lamb..." stuff.  Someone will nudge you when its over. 


Modern Christianity focuses much more upon various peripheral theological theories of the "truth" which have been invented by mortal men throughout history subsequent to the completion of the books of the Bible.  Where's the focus upon the "bull's eye" of pure unadulterated orthodox truth which the ancient prophets, and Christ Jesus and his apostles thought, spoke, and wrote in their completed writings?  Where's the focus upon knowing and understanding the new covenant and the revelation of all of the scriptural mysteries, such as the mystery of God's Desired True "Tent", His "Domed-roof House"!  It's partly the lack of knowledge of the ugliness of the truth of "church" history which prohibits anyone from jumping for joy that a new English translation which simply quotes the ancient biblical writers, no more and no less, is finally coming into existence! 


The major paradigm shift in orthodoxy which occurred in the 4th century first begins to become very apparent to any reader when comparing a quote of what the ancient scriptural writers wrote, the LIT, with modern theologically biased English translations.  Pick the Bible in which you have the most confidence.  If you're an average American Christian you don't have the skill set to look at the Greek texts to see exactly what they may say.  And so truthfully, honestly, you have no way of determining how good of a translation any particular one may be!  To most, the decision over which Bible to purchase is only about how good they are hyped, marketed, and sales promoted by their equally ignorant peers.  Quality of translation is an issue not even approachable by most everyone involved in a Bible purchasing decision.  The concept of theological bias in translation is just assumed to be non-existent.  That's an assumption you make from hearing all of the sales hype, upon which the devil places a lot of dependence!


On account of theological bias fudged into Bibles, virtually all Christians have no clue whatsoever what is the difference between mortal-made theological theories and exactly what did the ancient Biblical writers actually write.  That's the huge vulnerability of most all Christians, the ones who don't care enough to check the ancient texts for themselves.  For older Christians who have been in positions of teaching and preaching their whole lives, they are fearful to look at exactly what do the Greek texts actually say, because they certainly don't wish to risk coming face to face with a theological error, or any errors of scriptural fact, which they have been believing, and teaching and preaching to others their whole lives! 


They are afraid to finally face it!  This is especially true about the subject matter of selling God's Word for a living, for a paycheck.  They certainly don't want their eyes falling on all those verses in the LIT which adamantly condemn it, which verses in virtually all other "translations" have been fudged out of recognition and into implying that to barter God's Word under the new covenant is perfectly fine.  Please see my study Modern "Christianity" - The Retailing Of God's Word if you can stand to read dozens of verses, one after another, which condemn preachers and teachers from accepting anything in return for giving people the truth of God's Word, especially condemning those who sell / barter God's Word and the things of God for filthy lucre (1 Pet. 5:2), i.e. a paycheck!


I post the LIT in interlinear style here along with the Greek text (UBS4), word for word, so every scholar on the planet can look at the Greek and see if my English translated equivalent wording matches exactly in meaning to the Greek words in the ancient texts.  I don't get many responses from scholars because they have difficulty arguing against a perceived error in the LIT, while totally ignoring titanic-sized translation errors in most all other popular English translations!  They don't want to get involved in that discussion and go on record answering questions as to why they like hundreds of scriptural falsifications in most all other English translations, when I point them out to them book, chapter and verse, one after another.  They don't wish to be asked, and they don't wish to tell why they are apparently perfectly happy with other English translations which are chocked full of theologically-biased fudgings of the texts, which are all designed to produce a post-history revision of the truth of God's Word.  Those fudgings are the replacements of the ancient writer's terminology and wording with the terminology and phraseology associated with subsequently invented mortal-made theologies, which theologies are referred to by apostle Paul as worldly wisdom (1 Cor. 1:17-24, 30; 2 Cor. 1:1-12).  However I have received a few responses from scholars how are encouraging me in my work.


The devil has had his ministers out preaching half truths and false "sound good" doctrines since the beginning, and they have thrown up quite a house of mirrors to lead people into those "surface level plausibility" doctrines (2 Cor. 11:13-15).  I have found that hate is most often the common by-product of all false doctrines of Christianity, which abundant evidence is the bigoted animosity which exists between so-called Christian denominations.  And I have found that a way to determine if someone is believing a false doctrine about Christ is to disagree with them on a point or two.  Then, if they begin to demonstrate hate of any kind toward you, then you know their head is full of false Christian doctrine / orthodoxy.  True believers, whose orthodoxy is founded upon God's Word, truth, will never hate, but only love you no matter what.  The detection of hate in someone is still the number one method a believer, or anyone, can use to determine the presence of a devilish influence in someone's heart, whether directly demon spirit related or indirectly otherwise.


To Anyone Ignorant of Pagan Religions, Most all Christians, a Three-headed God Sounds Fine!


The ancient writers of the Biblical texts couldn't have had a triune godhead mindset, based upon the complete lack of scriptural evidence in their writings of the ancient Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible.  This is why the LIT, which simply quotes the ancient writers, is completely devoid of any triune godhead references and associated terminology whatsoever. 


There is no "three in one", "triune", "incarnation", "God-man", "God the son", "co-equal", and so on, terminology used by any of the new testament or old testament writers.  Nor are there any references to triune godhead ideas.  If there was any of this kind of terminology in the Greek texts I would simply quote it into the LIT, so that I can remain pleasing in God's sight!  All of the ancient writers wrote about their own beliefs in the God and His son Christ Jesus, using the terminology they understood and which was associated with those beliefs, the terminology they were taught, which was faithfully passed down to them.  What "theological" beliefs they wrote about using that terminology, is now considered the "old orthodoxy", and heresy, since the adoption of the "new orthodoxy", the mortal-made triune godhead theological theory invented in the fourth century. 


In the fourth century under Constantine's rule, a Roman ruler who claimed himself to be a god, this "new orthodoxy" was imposed upon the world at bloody spear point, a little over three hundred years after about three thousand people received salvation on the day of Pentecost in Jerusalem in about 30 CE (Acts 2:41).  Those believers who believed the "old orthodoxy" which Christ Jesus and his apostles taught, which "old orthodoxy" modern Christianity now considers to be heresy, received a new birth above in God's gift of His holy Spirit about three hundred years before the mortal-made triune godhead theological theory was invented!  Christ Jesus said that he had set in place the way of salvation for all mortalkind before he left the planet, through his own shed blood and death (John 17:4, 19:30)!  Apostle Paul praised the Corinthian believers for keeping the teaching and its traditional beliefs and practices he taught to them, without charge, which was the "old orthodoxy" (1 Cor. 4:17, 11:2; 2 Pet. 3:15-16)!


The terminology the scriptural writers used is the terminology they were taught, which as far as we know was taught by Jesus Christ and his apostles, which was initially taught to Jesus Christ himself by his heavenly Father, the one true God almighty (John 17:8).  The terminology of the "old orthodoxy" still exists in the copies of the ancient Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible, for anyone to see, but which orthodoxy and terminology the pagan emperor Constantine abandoned in the fourth century, since he considered himself to be an omniscient god, as did many Roman emperors. 


The Godly terms of the "old orthodoxy", and the associated theological ideas they portray, are dramatically revealed in the LIT.  Modern English Trinitarian-based translations, in effect, subordinate the one true highest God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ to Constantine, through adopting Constantine's theological redefinition, the "new orthodoxy" of a three-headed God!  Who do you think is correctly presenting the truth of the God's Word about the wholeness/salvation of all mortalkind, all of God's ancient prophets, His son Christ Jesus and his apostles, or Constantine?  Virtually all Christianity today worships Constantine's invented three-headed god, which invention he patterned after all other pagan three-headed god religions.


If for the first three plus centuries of the history of the Christian church the "new orthodoxy" didn't exist, at least in the minds of the ancient scriptural writers, then what exactly was preached and taught as the "old orthodoxy", the foundational truth for a believer's belief and practice?  Exactly what were, or still are, the theological contents, down into minute detail, of the "old orthodoxy"?  This is the true Christianity for which I am searching, and this is what I'm discovering with the production of the LIT!  I'm discovering the Christianity taught in the first century by Christ Jesus and his apostles, discovering it word by word and line by line as I produce the LIT, through simply quoting the ancient writers of the new testament Greek texts of the Bible!


The ancient writers of the Greek texts of the Bible didn't use any terminology associated with any particular theological theory, especially the triune godhead theory.  And even some of the "old orthodoxy" terminology the ancient scriptural writers used has since been hijacked by denominationalism, which has redefined the meanings of many of those terms.  The ancient writers used terminology which presented and explained the Evangelism of Jesus Christ (Mark 1:1), which evangelism was spread throughout the world through the Ministry of Reconciliation, as apostle Paul refers to it (2 Cor. 5:18-19).  The terminology the ancient writers used to describe their belief in Christ Jesus and his Father, the one true God almighty, has nothing in common whatsoever with the invented triune godhead-associated terminology of the 4th century, but in fact contradicts it over and over.


Look at Heb. 1:4 for an example to see how dishonest Trinitarian-based "translation technique" has marred it beyond recognition in their Bibles, to cover up the writer of Hebrews from plainly and clearly stating that the Word in the beginning was a angel / messenger , in fact, the first-born one (prōtotokos) [creature] of all of creation (Col. 1:15), which absolutely contradicts the mortal-made triune godhead theory which claims the Word in the beginning was a second person of a three-headed godhead.


With the invention of the triune godhead theological theory in the 4th century, subsequently a framework of triune godhead terminology has been designed to replace the "old orthodoxy" terminology used by the ancient writers of the holy scriptures.  And paraphrases and creative "synonyms" have been developed to be overlaid over what the ancient writers actually wrote, to ultimately theologically re-characterize what the ancient writers wrote, and thereby meant.  I consider that to be post-history revision, and lying, on a grand scale.  Who did Christ Jesus say is the father of lies (John 8:44)?  Read it!


What modern triune godhead "Christianity" now calls heresy, the "old orthodoxy", apostle Paul says he was taught it from Christ Jesus himself!


Gal. 1:7 (LIT/UBS4) There are (eisin) some (tines), if (ei) not (mē) the ones (hoi) troubling (tarassontes) you (humas), desiring (thelontes) also (kai) to twist together (metastrepsai) the (to) evangelism (euangelion) of the (tou) Christ (Christou).


Gal. 1:8 (LIT/UBS4) BUT (alla), if perhaps (ean) we (hēmeis) also (kai), or (ē) a messenger (angelos) out (ex) of heaven (ouranou) may cause itself to evangelize (euangelizētai) to you (humin) [anything] beside (parí) that which (ho) we caused ourselves to evangelize (euēngelisametha) to you (humin), let him be (estō) a cursed-up one (anathema)!


Gal. 1:9 (LIT/UBS4) As (hōs) we said before (proeirēkamen), and (kai) at this time (arti) again (palin) I say (legō), if (ei) anyone (tis) is causing himself to evangelize (euangelizetai) to you (humas) [anything] beside (parí) that which (ho) you received alongside (parelabete) [of us], let him be (estō) a cursed-up one (anathema)!


Gal. 1:10 (LIT/UBS4) Because (gar) at this time (arti) do I persuade (peithō) mortals (anthrōpous), or (ē) the (ton) God (theon)?


Or (ē) do I seek (zētō) to be agreeable (areskein) to mortals (anthrōpois)?


If (ei) yet (eti) I am being agreeable (ēreskon) to mortals (anthrōpois), perhaps (an) I am absolutely not still causing myself to be (ouk ēmēn) a slave (doulos) of Christ (Christou)!?


Gal. 1:11 (LIT/UBS4) Because (gar) I make known (gnōrizō) to you (humin), brothers (adelphoi), the (to) evangelism (euangelion), the one (to) having been evangelized (euangelisthen) under (hupí) me (emou), that (hoti) it is absolutely not (ouk estin) down according to (kata) mortals (anthrōpon)!


Gal. 1:12 (LIT/UBS4) Because (gar) but absolutely not (oude) did I receive (egō parelabon) it (auto) alongside (para) of mortals (anthrōpou), and absolutely neither (oute) was I taught (edidachthēn) [it], BUT (alla), through (dií) a revelation (apokalupseōs) of Jesus (Iēsous) Christ (Christou)!


The devil will always make sure that there is a "good" reason, or two, or more, for the truth of God's revelation to mortalkind, the "old orthodoxy", to be labeled as a heresy (Acts 24:14), like he managed to have it labeled in the first century, and then have it re-labeled again in the fourth century!  The warnings about this were given (Mat. 15:9; John 8:31-47; Rom. 1:21-22; 2 Cor. 10:5-6; 11:13-15; Eph. 5:6-12; *Col. 2:8; 2 Tim. 3:1-15, 4:3-4; Tit. 1:10-14)!


The LIT simply quotes the ancient writers of the Biblical new testament texts of the Bible, who recorded what the God and his son Christ Jesus gave them to know, and to understand, and to write, and to establish (2 Pet. 1:19-21)!


Hal Dekker