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Chapter 9


9:1 Because (gar), truly (men), about (peri) the (tēs) ministry (diakonias), of the (tēs) [ministry] into (eis) the (tous) holy ones (hagious), it is (estin) abundant beyond (perisson) [a need] for me (moi) to write (graphein) the thing (to) to you (humin).


9:2 Because (gar) I have seen (oida) the (tēn) predisposition of passion (prothumian) of you (humōn), over (huper) which (hēn) I am caused to boast (kauchōmai) of you (humōn) to [the] Macedonians (Makedosin), that (hoti) Achaia (Achaia) has prepared itself (pareskeuastai) since (apo) a time past (perusi).


And (kai) the (to) zeal (zōlos) of you (humōn) intrigued (ērethisen) the (tous) majority (pleionas).


9:3 But (de) I sent (epempsa) the (tous) brothers (adelphous) in order that (hina) the (to) boast (kauchēma) of us (hēmōn), the one (to) over (huper) you (humōn), may not be made empty (mē kenōthē) in (en) the (tō) respect (merei) to this (toutō), down according to as (kathōs) I was saying (elegon):


you having prepared yourselves (pareskeuasmenoi ēte) in order that (hina)


9:4 if perhaps (ean) somehow (pōs) Macedonians (Makedones) may come (elthōsin) together with (sun) me (emoi), and (kai) they may find (heurōsin) you (humas) alongside unprepared (aparaskeuastous), we (hēmeis), in order that (hina) I may not say (mē legō) you (humeis), may not be put down to shame (mē kataischunthōmen) in (en) this (tautē), the (tē) understanding (hupostasei) [we have].


9:5 Therefore (oun), [this preparation, v3, RE] [being] [a] necessary thing (anankaion), I led myself (hēgēsamēn) to call alongside (parakalesai) the (tous) brothers (adelphous), in order that (hina) they may go before (proelthōsin) [us, AE] into (eis) you (humas) and (kai) they may make fit beforehand (prokatartisōsin) the (tēn) thing eulogized (eulogian) of you (humōn), it having been promised before (proepēngelmenēn) for this (tautēn) to be (einai) ready (hetoimēn) thusly (houtōs), as (hōs) [a] thing eulogized (eulogian), and (kai) not (mē) as (hōs) [a] thing of covetousness (pleonexian).


9:6 But (de) this one (touto), the one (ho) sowing (speirōn) sparingly (pheidomenōs), he shall harvest (therisei) sparingly (pheidomenōs) also (kai)


And (kai) the one (ho) sowing (speirōn) over (ep’) eulogies (eulogiais) shall harvest (therisei) over (ep) eulogies (eulogiais) also (kai);


9:7 each one (hekastos) [sowing] down according to as (kathōs) he has pre-sized (proērētai) [in] the (tē) heart (kardia) [of him];


not (mē) [sowing] out (ex) of grief (lupēs), or (ē) out (ex) of necessity (anagkēs), because (gar) the (ho) God (theos) loves (agapa) a hilarious (hilaron) giver (dotēn).


9:8 But (de) the (ho) God (theos) is inherently powered (dunatei) to make abound (perisseusai) into (eis) you (humas) all (pasan) grace (charin);


in order that (hina) in (en) everything (panti), [you] always (pantote) holding (echontes) all (pasan) self-sufficiency (autarkeian), you may abound (perisseuēte) into (eis) every (pan) good (agathon) work (ergon);


(For a believer's responsibility to stand himself alongside of the Father through doing good works, in order to receive anything from Him, see Mat. 6:1-4, 18:19, 19:26, 21:42; Mark 10:27, 12:11; Luke 1:30, 37; John 5:44, 6:45-46, 8:38-42, 9:16, 33, 17:5-8; Rom. 2:11-13, 6:13, 12:1; 1 Cor. 7:24, 8:8a; 2 Cor. 9:8; Gal. 3:11; Eph. 6:8; 1 Tim. 2:10; 2 Tim. 3:17; Tit. 2:14, 3:8,14; Heb. 10:24; James 1:5-7, 27; 1 Pet. 2:20-21; 2 Pet. 3:8; 2 John 1:3; Rev. 2:28)


9:9 down according to as (kathōs) it has been written (gegraptai), “He scattered (eskorpisen) [it]. 


He gave (edōken) to the (tois) poor (penēsin).  


The (hē) righteousness (dikaiosunē) of Him (autou) stays (menei) into (eis) the (ton) age (aiōna).”


(See Psalm 112:9)


9:10 But (de) the one (ho) choreographing (epichorēgōn) seed (sporon) to the one (tō) sowing (speironti), and (kai) bread (arton) into (eis) food (brōsin), he shall choreograph (chorēgēsei) and (kai) make full (plēthunei) the (ton) seed (sporon) of you (humōn).


And (kai) He shall grow (auxēsei) the (ta) things generated (genēmata) of the (tēs) righteousness (dikaiosunēs) of you (humōn),


9:11 you being made wealthy (ploutizomenoi) in (en) everything (panti), into (eis) singleness of purpose (haplotēta) of everything (pasan), which (hētis) He causes Himself to work down (katergazetai) through (di’) us (hēmōn)!


Thanksgiving (eucharistian) [be] to the (tō) God (theō)!


9:12 Because (hoti) the (hē) ministry (diakonia) of the (tēs) liturgy (leitourgias) of this (tautēs) is (estin) absolutely not (ou) only (monon) toward filling up (prosanaplērousa) the (ta) things lacking (husterēmata) of the (tōn) holy ones (hagiōn), BUT (alla), it is abounding (perisseuousa) also (kai) through (dia) [the sake] of many (pollōn) thanksgivings (eucharistiōn) to the (tō) God (theō);


9:13 through (dia) the (tēs) proof (dokimēs) of the (tēs) ministry (diakonias) of this (tautēs);


[through] you glorifying (doxazontes) the (ton) God (theon) upon (epi) the (tē) submission5292 (hupotagē) of the (tēs) confession (homologias) of you (humōn) into (eis) the (to) Evangelism (euangelion) of the (tou) Christ (Christou);


and (kai) [through the] singleness of purpose (haplotēti) of the (tēs) fellowship (koinōnias) [of you] into (eis) them (autous), and (kai) into (eis) all (pantas);


9:14 and (kai) [through] prayer of need (deēsei) of them (autōn) over (huper) you (humōn), they longing over (epipothountōn) you (humas);


through (dia) the (tēn) overthrowing (huperballousan) grace (charin) of the (tou) God (theou) upon (eph) you (humin)!


9:15 Thanks (charis) [be] to the (tō) God (theō) over (epi) the (tē) indescribable (anekdiēgētō) gift (dōrea) of Him (autou)!