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Chapter 5


5:1 Therefore (oun), elders (presbuterous) among (en) you (humin), I accost (parakalō) an elder together with (sumpresbuteros) [us], and (kai) a witness (martus) of the (tōn) sufferings (pathēmatōn) of the (tou) Christ (Christou), the (ho) [elder being] a sharing partner (koinōnos) also (kai) of the (tēs) glory (doxēs) being about (mellousēs) to be revealed (apokaluptesthai).


5:2 Shepherd (poimanate) the (to) little flock (poimnion) of the (tou) God (theou) among (en) you (humin).


Be episcopating (episkopountes) not (mē) constrainedly (anankastōs), BUT (alla) willingly (hekousiōs), down (kata) [the sake] of God (theon)!


[Be episcopating] but not (mēde) shamefully (shamefully), BUT (alla) passionately (prothumōs);


5:3 but not (mēd’) as (hōs) lording [it] down (katakurieuontes) the (tōn) lot (klērōn), BUT (alla) [as] causing yourselves to become (ginomenoi) types5179 (tupoi) of the (tou) little flock (poimniou)!


5:4 And (kai) of the (tou) chief shepherd (archipoimenos) having been manifested (phanerōthentos), you shall provide for yourselves (komieisthe) the (ton) unfading (amarantinon) crown (stephanon) of the (tēs) glory (doxēs).


5:5 Likewise (homoiōs), you young ones (neōteroi) be put in submission (hupotagēte) to elders (presbuterois).


But (de) all (pantes) [of you, AE], tie yourselves into an apron (enkombōsasthe) of the (tēn) humility of thought (tapeinophrosunēn) to one another (allēlois);


because (hoti) the (ho) God (theos) causes Himself to be arranged in opposition (antitassetai) to arrogant ones (huperēphanois), but (de) He gives (didōsin) grace (charin) to humble ones (tapeinois).


5:6 Therefore (oun), be humbled (tapeinōthēte) under (hupo) [authority, AE] of the (tēn) powerful (krataian) hand (cheira) of the (tou) God (theou), in order that (hina) in (en) time (kairō) you (humas) may be set above5312 (hupsōsē);


5:7 having flung (epiripsantes) upon (ep’) Him (auton) all (pasan) of the (tēn) worry (merimnan) of you (humōn), because (hoti) it matters (melei) to Him (autō) about (peri) you (humōn)!


5:8 Be aroused (grēgorēsate);


be sober (nēpsate);


the one (ho) opposed to the righteousness (antidikos) of you (humōn), a diabolical one (diabolos), walks around (periratei) as (hōs) a lion (lēon) causing himself to roar (ōruomenos), searching (zētōn) for someone (tina) to drink down2666 (katapiein);


5:9 to whom (hō) stand opposed (antistēte), solid (stereoi) for the (tē) belief (pistei), you having seen (eidotes) the (ta) same (auta) sufferings (pathēmatōn) of the (tōn) [chief shepherd] to be completed over (epiteleisthai) the (tē) brotherhood (adelphotēti) of you (humōn), in (en) the (tō) cosmos (kosmō).


5:10 But (de) the (ho) God (theos) of every (pasēs) gracious thing (charitos), the one (ho) having called you aloud (kalesas humas) into (eis) the (tēn) ageless (aiōnion) glory (doxan) of Him (autou) in (en) Christ (Christō) Jesus (Iēsou), you having suffered (pathontas) a little (oligon) He (autos) shall make [you] fit (katartisei);


He shall stabilize (stērixei) [you];


He shall strengthen (sthenōsei) [you];


He shall found (themeliōsei) [you]!


5:11 To Him (autō) [is] the (to) power (kratos) into (eis) the (tous) ages (aiōnas), truly (amēn)!


5:12 Through (dia) [the sake] of Silvanus (Silouanou), the (tou) believable (pistou) brother (adelphou) to you (humin), as (hōs) I am caused to count (logizomai) [him], through (di’) [the sake of him] I wrote (egrapsa) a little (oligōn);


consoling (parakalōn) and (kai) witnessing over (epimarturōn) this (tautēn) to be (einai) [the] true (alēthē) grace (charin) of the (tou) God (theou), into (eis) which (hēn) you stand (stēte)!


5:13 The (hē) [assembly] in (en) Babylon (Babulōni), one spoke out together with (suneklektē) [you], causes itself to embrace (aspazetai) you (humas), [as does] Mark (Markos) also (kai), the (ho) son (huios) of me (mou).


5:14 Cause yourselves to embrace (aspasasthe) one another (allēlous) in (en) a kiss (philēmati) of love (agapēs).


Peace (eirēnē) to you (humin), all (pasin) the ones (tois) in (en) Christ (Christō).