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Chapter 2


Mark 2:1 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) having entered in (eiselthōn) into (eis) Capernaum (kapharnaoum) again (palin), through (di’) [some, AE] days (hēmerōn) it was heard (ēkousthē) that (hoti) he is (estin) in (en) [a] house (oikō).


Mark 2:2 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) many (polloi) were brought together (sunēchthēsan), and so (hōste) no longer (mēketi) to find room (chōrein), but not (mēde) the (ta) [room,RE] toward (pros) the (tēn) door (thuran)!


And (kai) he was speaking (elalei) to them (autois) the (ton) Word (logon).


Mark 2:3 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) ones cause themselves to come (erchontai) bringing (pherontes) to (pros) him (auton) [a] paralytic (paralutikon), he being lifted (airomenon) under (hupo) of four (tessarōn).


Mark 2:4 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) they not being inherently powered (mē dunamenoi) to bring (prosenenkai) [[the] paralytic, v3, RE] to him (autō) through (dia) the (ton) crowd (ochlon), they unroofed (apestegasan) the (tēn) roof (stegēn) where (hopou) he was being (ēn)


And (kai) having dug out (exoruxantes) [[the] roof, RE], they lowered (chalōsi) the (ton) mattress (krabatton) where (hopou) the (ho) paralytic (paralutikos) was being caused to lie down (katekeito).


Mark 2:5 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) the (ho) Jesus (Iēsous), having seen (idōn) the (tēn) belief (pistin) of them (autōn), he says (legei) to the (tō) paralytic (paralutikō), “Born one (teknon), the (hai) sins (hamartiai) of you (sou) are let go (aphientai).”


Mark 2:6 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) there were being (ēsan) some (tines) of the (tōn) writers (grammateōn) causing themselves to sit down (kathēmenoi) there (ekie).


And (kai) they were causing themselves to reason through (dialogizomenoi) in (en) the (tais) hearts (kardiais) of them (autōn),


Mark 2:7 (LIT/UBS4) ‘Why (ti) <does> this one (houtos) speak (lalei) thusly (houtōs)?


He blasphemes (blasphēmei)


Who (tis) [is] inherently powered (dunatai) to let go (aphienai) of sins (hamartias) if (ei) not (mē) one (heis), the (ho) God (theos)?’


Mark 2:8 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) straightaway (euthus) the (ho) Jesus (Iēsous), the (tō) Spirit (pneumati) of him (autou), having experientially known (epignous) that (hoti) thusly (houtōs) they are caused to reason through (dialogizontai) in (en) themselves (heautois), he says (legei) to them (autois), “Why (ti) are you caused to reason through (dialogizesthe) these things (tauta) in (en) the (tais) hearts (kardiais) of you (humōn)?


Mark 2:9 (LIT/UBS4) Which (ti) is (estin) easier (eukopōteron) to enunciate (eipein) to the (tō) paralytic (paralutikō), ‘The (hai) sins (hamartiai) of you (sou) are let go (aphientai)’, or (ē) to enunciate (eipein), ‘Be awake (egeire) and (kai) lift (aron) the (ton) mattress (krabatton) of you (sou) and (kai) walk around (peripatei)?’


Mark 2:10 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) in order that (hina) you may have seen (eidēte) that (hoti) the (ho) Son (huios) of the (tou) Mortal (anthrōpou) holds (echei) authority (exousian) over (epi) the (tēs) land (gēs) to let go (aphienai) of sins (hamartias) , he says (legei) to the (tō) paralytic (paralutikō),


Mark 2:11 (LIT/UBS4) I say (legō) to you (soi), be awake (egeire)!  


Lift (aron) the (ton) mattress (krabatton) of you (sou) and (kai) get underway (hupage) into (eis) the (ton) house (oikon) of you (sou).”


Mark 2:12 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) he was awoken (ēgerthē)!


And (kai) straightaway (euthus), having lifted (aras) the (ton) mattress (krabatton), he came out (exēlthen) in front (emprosthen) of all (pantōn), and so (hōste) to cause himself to be ecstatic (existasthai pantas) and (kai) to glorify (doxazein) the (ton) God (theon);


they saying (legontas) that (hoti), ‘But absolutely not at any time (oudepote) did we see (eidomen) [a paralytic aroused, v10-11, RE] thusly (houtōs)!’


Mark 2:13 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) again (palin) he went out (exēlthen) alongside (para) the (tēn) sea (thalassan), and (kai) all (pas) the (ho) crowd (ochlos) was causing itself to come (ērcheto) to (pros) him (auton), and (kai) he was teaching (edidasken) them (autous).


Mark 2:14 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) leading alongside (paragōn) he saw (eiden) Levi (Leuin), the (ton) [Levi, RE] of the (tou) Alphaeus (Halphaiou), sitting down (kathēmenon) over (epi) the (to) termination-tax booth5058 (telōnion).


And (kai) he says (legei) to him (autō), “Follow (akolouthei) me (moi)!”


And (kai) having stood up (anastas) he followed (ēkolouthēsen) him (autō).


Mark 2:15 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) it caused itself to come to pass (ginetai), of him (auton) to cause himself to lie down2621 (katakeisthai) in (en) the (tē) house (oikia) of him (autou), many (polloi) termination-tax collectors5057 (telōnai), and (kai) sinful ones (hamartōloi) also (kai), were causing themselves to lie up together with4873 (sunanekeinto) the (tō) Jesus (Iēsou) and (kai) the (tois) disciples (mathētais) of him (autou);


because (gar) there were being (ēsan) many (polloi) [termination-tax collectors, RE], and (kai) they were following (ēkolouthoun) him (autō).


Mark 2:16 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) the (hoi) writers (grammateis) of the (tōn) Pharisees (Pharisaiōn) having seen (idontes) that (hoti) he eats (esthiei) with (meta) the (tōn) sinful ones (hamartōlōn), and (kai) termination-tax collectors (telōnōn), they were saying (elegon) to the (tois) disciples (mathētais) of him (autou) that (hoti), “He eats (esthiei) with (meta) the (tōn) termination-tax collectors (telōnōn) and (kai) sinful ones (hamartōlōn)!”


Mark 2:17 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) the (ho) Jesus (Iēsous) having heard (akousas) [the writers of the Pharisees, v16, RE], he says (legei) to them (autois) that (hoti), “The (hoi) ones being strong (ischhuontes) absolutely do not have (ou echousin) need (chreian) of [a] healer (iatrou), BUT (all’), the ones (hoi) holding (echontes) malicious things (kakōs)!


I absolutely did not come (ouk ēlthon) to call aloud (kalesai) righteous ones (dikaious), BUT (alla) sinners (hamart)!”


Mark 2:18 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) the (hoi) disciples (mathētai) of John (Iōannou) and (kai) the (hoi) Pharisees (Pharisaioi) were being (ēsan) ones fasting (nēsteuontes). 


And (kai) they cause themselves to come (erchontai), and (kai) they say (legousin) to him (autō), “Through (dia) [the sake, AE] of what (ti) <do> the (hoi) disciples (mathētai) of John (Iōannou) and (kai) the (hoi) disciples (mathētai) of the (tōn) Pharisees (Pharisaiōn) fast (nēsteuousin)?


But (de) the (hoi) disciples (mathētai), yours (soi), absolutely do not fast (nēsteuousin)!”


Mark 2:19 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) the (ho) Jesus (Iēsous) enunciated (eipen) to them (autois), “The (hoi) sons (huioi) of the (tou) bridal hall (numphōnos) can absolutely not inherently power themselves (mē dunantai) to fast (nēsteuein) in (en) [the time, AE] for which (hō) the (ho) bridegroom (numphios) is (estin) with (met’) them (autōn)!


As long [a] time as (hoson chronon) they have (echousin) the (ton) bridegroom (numphion) with (met’) them (autō) they cannot inherently power themselves (ou dunantai) to fast (nēsteuein)!


Mark 2:20 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) days (hēmerai) shall cause themselves to come (eleusontai) when perhaps (hotan) the (ho) bridegroom (numphios) may be lifted away (aparthē) from (ap’) them (autōn), and (kai) then (tote) they shall fast (nēsteusousin) in (en) the (tē) day (hēmera) of that (ekeinē).


Mark 2:21 (LIT/UBS4) Absolutely not one (oudeis) sews (epiraptei) [a] piece (epiblēma) of [an] un-teased (agnaphou) rag (rhakous) upon (epi) [an] old (palaion) outer garment (himation)!


But (de) if (ei) not (mē), the (to) new (kainon) [piece, RE] steals (airei) the (to) fullness (plērōma) of it (autou) away from (ap’) the (tou) old (palaiou) [piece, RE], and (kai) it is caused to become (ginetai) [a] worse (cheiron) schism (schisma).


Mark 2:22 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) absolutely not one (oudeis) throws (ballei) young (neon) wine (oinon) into (eis) old (palaious) skins (askous)!


But (de) if (ei) not (mē), the (ho) wine (oinos) shall break (rhēxei) the (tous) skins (askous) and (kai) the (ho) wine (oinos) is lost (apollutai), and (kai) the (hoi) skins (askoi).


BUT (alla), young (neon) wine (onion) [is thrown, RE] into (eis) new (kainous) skins (askous)!”


Mark 2:23 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) he caused it to come to pass (egeneto) of him (auton) in (en) the (tois) sabbath days (sabbasin), to go alongside (paraporeuesthai) through (dia) the (tōn) seeded places (sporimōn).


And (kai) the (hoi) disciples (mathētai) of him (autou) caused themselves to start (ērxanto) to make (poiein) [a] way (hodon), plucking (tillontes) the (tous) stalks (stachuas).


Mark 2:24 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) the (hoi) Pharisees (Pharisaioi) were saying (elegon) to him (autō), “Look (ide) what (ti) they do (poiousin) for the (tois) sabbath days (sabbasin), of which (ho) is it absolutely not being outside1832 (ouk exestin) [of the law, AE] [to do, RE]!?”


Mark 2:25 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) he says (legei) to them (autois), “Have you but absolutely not at any time read up (oudepote anegnōte) what (ti) David (Dauid) did (epoiēsen) when (hote) he had (eschen) [a] need (chreian), and (kai) he pined (epeinasen), he (autos) and (kai) the ones (hoi) together with (met’) him (autou),


Mark 2:26 (LIT/UBS4) how (pōs) he went in (eisēlthen) into (eis) the (ton) house (oikon) of the (tou) God (theou) over (epi) [the days, AE] of Abiathar (Abiathar), [a] chief sacrificial priest (archiereōs), and (kai) he ate (ephagen) the (tous) loaves of bread (artous) of the (tēs) preparation (protheseōs)!?


Of which (hous) is [[a] loaf of preparation bread, RE] absolutely not being outside1832 (ouk exestin) [of the law, AE] to eat (phagein), if (ei) not (mē) for the (tous) sacrificial priests (hiereis)!?


And (kai) he gave (edōken) [loaves, RE] to the ones (tois) also (kai) together with (sun) him (autō)!”


Mark 2:27 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) he was saying (elegen) to them (autois), “The (to) sabbath day (sabbaton) was caused to come to pass (egeneto) through (dia) [the need, v25, RE] of the (ton) mortal (anthrōpon), and (kai) absolutely not (ouch) the (ho) mortal (anthrōpos) through (dia) [the need, v25, RE] of the (to) sabbath day (sabbaton)!


Mark 2:28 (LIT/UBS4) And so (hōste) the (ho) Son (huios) of the (tou) Mortal (anthrōpou) is (estin) lord (kurios) of the (tou) sabbath day (sabbatou) also (kai)!”