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Chapter 7


Update:  2024.03.02


John 7:1 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) with (meta) [the passing, AE] of these things (tauta) the (ho) Jesus (Iēsous) was walking around (periepatei) in (en) the (tē) Galilee (Galilaia), because (gar) he was absolutely not desiring (ou ēthelen) to walk around (peripatein) in (en) the (tē) Judea (Ioudaia), because (hoti) the (hoi) Judeans (Ioudaioi) were seeking (ezētoun) to kill (apokteinai) him (auton)!


John 7:2 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) the (hē) feast (heortē) of the (tōn) Judeans (Ioudaiōn) was being (ēn) near (engus), the (hē) tent-pitching (skēnopēgia) [feast, RE].


John 7:3 (LIT/UBS4) Therefore (oun), the (hoi) brothers (adelphoi) of him (autou) enunciated (eipon) to (pros) him (auton), “Move (metabēthi) from here (enteuthen) and (kai) get underway (hupage) into (eis) the (tēn) Judea (Ioudaian), in order that (hina) the (hoi) disciples (mathētai) of you (sou) shall observe (theōrēsōsin) the (ta) works (erga) of you (sou) which (ha) you do (poieis).


John 7:4 (LIT/UBS4) Because (gar) absolutely not one (oudeis) does (poiei) anything (ti) in (en) [a] hidden place (kruptō), and (kai) he searches (zētei) for himself (autos) to be (einai) in (en) boldness (parrēsia)!


If (ei) you do (poieis) these things (tauta), manifest (phanerōson) yourself (seauton) to the (tō) cosmos (kosmō)!"


John 7:5 (LIT/UBS4) Because (gar) the (hoi) brothers (adelphoi) of him (autou), they were but absolutely not believing (oude episteuon) into (eis) him (auton)!


John 7:6 (LIT/UBS4) Therefore (oun), the (ho) Jesus (Iēsous) says (legei) to them (autois), “The (ho) time (kairos), the one (ho) [being] mine (emos), is absolutely not yet alongside (oupō parestin)!  


But (de) the (ho) time (kairos), the one (ho) [being] your own (humeteros), is (estin) always (pantote) ready (hetoimos).


John 7:7 (LIT/UBS4) The (ho) cosmos (kosmos) can absolutely not (ou) inherently power itself (dunatai) to despise (misein) you (humas)!  


But (de) it despises (misei) me (eme) because (hoti) I (egō) witness (marturō) about (peri) it (autou), that (hoti) the (ta) works (erga) of it (autou) are (estin) [sic] evil (ponēra).


John 7:8 (LIT/UBS4) You (humeis), walk up (anabēte) into (eis) the (tēn) feast (heortēn).  


I (egō) absolutely do not walk up (ouk anabainō) into (eis) the (tēn) feast (heortēn) because (hoti) this (tautēn) [time, RE], the (ho) time (kairos) [being] mine (emos), has absolutely not yet been fulfilled (oupō peplērōtai)!”


John 7:9 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) having enunciated (eipōn) these things (tauta), he (autos) stayed (emeinen) in (en) the (tē) Galilee (Galilaia).


John 7:10 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) as (hōs) the (hoi) brothers (adelphoi) of him (autou) walked up (anebēsan) into (eis) the (tēn) feast (heortēn), then (tote) he (autos) also (kai) walked up (anebē);


absolutely not (ou) openly (phanerōs), BUT (alla), as (hōs) in (en) [a] hidden place (kruptō)!


John 7:11 (LIT/UBS4) Therefore (oun), the (hoi) Judeans (Ioudaioi) were searching (ezētoun) for him (auton) in (en) the (tē) feast (heortē), and (kai) were saying (elegon), “Where (pou) is (estin) that one (ekeinos)?”


John 7:12 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) there was being (ēn) [a] large (polus) murmuring (gongusmos) about (peri) him (autou) among (en) the (tois) crowds (ochlois).  


Truly (men), the ones (hoi) were saying (elegon) that (hoti), “He is (estin) [a] good one (agathos)”!  


But (de) other ones (alloi) were saying (elegon), "Absolutely not (ou)!"  


BUT (alla), “The (ton) crowd (ochlon) wanders (plana)!”


John 7:13 (LIT/UBS4) Yet truly (mentoi), absolutely not one (oudeis) was speaking (elalei) about (peri) him (autou) [with, AE] boldness (parrēsia), through (dia) [the sake, AE] of the (ton) fear (phobon) of the (tōn) Judeans (Ioudaiōn)!


John 7:14 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) it already being mid-way (ēdē mesousēs) of the (tēs) feast (heortēs), Jesus (Iēsous) walked up (anebē) into (eis) the (to) sacred place (hieron), and (kai) he was teaching (edidasken).


John 7:15 (LIT/UBS4) Therefore (oun), the (hoi) Judeans (Ioudaioi) were being amazed (ethaumazon), saying (legontes), “How (pōs) has this one (houtos) seen (oiden) [the] writings (grammata), he not having learned (mē memathēkōs)!?”


John 7:16 (LIT/UBS4) Therefore (oun), the (ho) Jesus (Iēsous) was caused to make [a] decision (apekrithē) for them (autois), and (kai) he enunciated (eipen), “The (hē) orthodoxy (didachē) of me (emē) is (estin) absolutely not (ouk) of me (emē), BUT (alla), of the one (tou) having sent (pempsantos) me (me)!


John 7:17 (LIT/UBS4) If perhaps (ean) anyone (tis) may desire (thelē) to do (poiein) the (to) desire (thelēma) of him (autou), he shall cause himself to know (gnōsetai) about (peri) the (tēs) orthodoxy (didachēs), whether (poteron) it is (estin) out (ek) of the (tou) God (theou), or (ē) [whether, RE] I (egō) speak (lalō) from (ap’) [out, RE] of myself (emautou).


John 7:18 (LIT/UBS4) The one (ho) speaking (lalōn) from (aph’) [out, v17, RE] of himself (heautou) searches (zētei) for the (tēn) glory (doxan), the one (tēn) of his own (idian).  


But (de) the one (ho) searching (zētōn) for the (tēn) glory (doxan) of the one (tou) having sent (pempsantos) him (auton), this one (houtos) is (estin) [a] true one (alēthēs), and (kai) there is absolutely not (ouk estin) unrighteousness (adikia) in (en) him (autō).


John 7:19 (LIT/UBS4) <Has> Moses (Mōusēs) absolutely not (ou) given (dedōken) to you (humin) the (ton) law (nomon), and (kai) absolutely not one (oudeis) out (ex) of you (humōn) does (poiei) the (ton) law (nomon)!?


Why (ti) do you search (zēteite) to kill (apokteinai) me (me)?”


John 7:20 (LIT/UBS4) The (ho) crowd (ochlos) was caused to make [a] decision (apekrithē), “You hold (echeis) [a] little demon (daimonion)


Who (tis) searches (zētei) to kill (apokteinai) you (se)?”


John 7:21 (LIT/UBS4) Jesus (Iēsous) was caused to make [a] decision (apekrithē), and (kai) he enunciated (eipen) to them (autois), “I did (epoiēsa) one (hen) work (ergon), and (kai) all (pantes) are amazed (thaumazete)!


John 7:22 (LIT/UBS4) Through (dia) [the sake, AE] of this (touto) Moses (Mōusēs) has given (dedōken) to you (humin) the (tēn) circumcision (peritomēn), (absolutely not (ouch) that (hoti) it is (estin) out (ek) of the (tou) Moses (Mōuseōs), BUT (all’), [it is, RE] out (ek) of the (tōn) fathers (paterōn)!), and (kai) in (en) [a] sabbath day (sabbatō) you circumcise (peritemnete) [a] mortal (anthrōpon).


John 7:23 (LIT/UBS4) If (ei) [a] mortal (anthrōpos) receives (lambanei) [a] circumcision (peritomēn) in (en) [a] sabbath day (sabbatō), in order that (hina) the (ho) law (nomos) of Moses (Mōuseōs) may not be let loose (mē luthē), are you choleric (cholate) to me (emoi) because (hoti) I made (epoiēsa) [a] mortal (anthrōpon) whole (holon), healthy (hugiē), in (en) [a] sabbath day (sabbatō)!?


John 7:24 (LIT/UBS4) Do not judge ( krinete) down according to (kat’) appearance (opsin), BUT (alla), judge (krinete) the (tēn) righteous (dikaian) judgment (krisin)!”


John 7:25 (LIT/UBS4) Therefore (oun), some (tines) out (ek) of the (tōn) Jerusalemites (Hierosolumitōn) were saying (elegon), “Is (estin) this one (houtos) absolutely not (ouch) whom (hon) they search for (zētousin) to kill (apokteinai)!?


John 7:26 (LIT/UBS4) And (kai) see (ide), he speaks (lalei) [with, AE] boldness (parrēsia), and (kai) they say (legousin) absolutely not one (ouden) [word, AE] to him (autō)!”  


Truly (alēthōs), at no time (mēpote) did the (hoi) chief ones758 (archontes) know (egnōsan) that (hoti) this one (houtos) is (estin) the (ho) Christ (Christos)!


John 7:27 (LIT/UBS4) BUT (alla), of this one (touton), we have seen (oidamen) from where (pothen) he is (estin)!  


But (de) perhaps when (hotan) the (ho) Christ (Christos) may cause himself to come (erchētai), absolutely not one (oudeis) [of the chief ones, v26, RE] knows (ginōskei) from where (pothen) he is (estin)!


John 7:28 (LIT/UBS4) Therefore (oun), the (ho) Jesus (Iēsous) cried out (ekraxen) in (en) the (tō) sacred place (hierō) teaching (didaskōn), and (kai) saying (legōn), “Both me (kame) you have seen (oidate), and (kai) from where (pothen) I am (eimi) you have seen (oidate)!  


And (kai) from (ap’) of myself (emautou) I have absolutely not come (ouk elēlutha)!  


BUT (all’), the one (ho) having sent (pempsas) me (me) is (estin) [a] true one (alēthinos), whom (hon) you (humeis) have absolutely not seen (ouk oidate)!


John 7:29 (LIT/UBS4) I (egō) have seen (oida) him (auton), because (hoti) I am (eimi) alongside (par’) of him (autou);


and that one (kakeinos) sent (apesteilen) me (me).”


John 7:30 (LIT/UBS4) Therefore (oun), they were searching (ezētoun) to catch (piasai) him (auton), and (kai) absolutely not one (oudeis) [chief one, v26, RE] threw (epebalen) the (tēn) hand (cheira) [of him, AE] upon (ep’) him (auton), because (hoti) the (hē) hour (hōra) of him (autou) had absolutely not yet come (oupō elēluthei)!


John 7:31 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) out (ek) of the (tou) crowd (ochlou) many (polloi) believed (episteusan) into (eis) him (auton).


And (kai) they were saying (elegon), “When perhaps (hotan) the (ho) Christ (Christos) may come (elthē) he shall not do (mē poiēsei) more (pleiona) signs (sēmeia) <than> [[the] signs, AE] of which (hōn) this one (houtos) did (epoiēsen)!?”


John 7:32 (LIT/UBS4) The (hoi) Pharisees (Pharisaioi) heard (ēkousan) of the (tou) crowd (ochlou) murmuring (gonguzontos) these things (tauta) about (peri) him (autou).


And (kai) the (hoi) chief sacrificial priests (archiereis) and (kai) the (hoi) Pharisees (Pharisaioi) sent (apesteilan) under-oarsmen5257 (hupēretas) in order that (hina) they may catch (piasōsin) him (auton).


John 7:33 (LIT/UBS4) Therefore (oun), the (ho) Jesus (Iēsous) enunciated (eipen), “I am (eimi) with (meth’) you (humōn) yet (eti) for [a] little (mikron) time (chronon), and (kai) [then, AE] I get underway (hupagō) to (pros) the one (ton) having sent (pempsanta) me (me).


John 7:34 (LIT/UBS4) You shall search (zētēsete) for me (me), and (kai) you shall absolutely not find (ouch heurēsete) me (me)!  


And (kai) where (hopou) I (egō) am (eimi) you (humeis) can absolutely not inherently power yourselves (ou dunasthe) to come (elthein)!”


John 7:35 (LIT/UBS4) Therefore (oun), the (hoi) Judeans (Ioudaioi) enunciated (eipon) to (pros) themselves (heautous), “Of where (pou) [is] this one (houtos) about (mellei) to make himself go (poreuesthai), that (hoti) we (hēmeis) shall absolutely not find (ouch heurēsomen) him (auton)!?  


[He is, AE] not (mē) about (mellei) to make himself go (poreuesthai) into (eis) the (tēn) dispersion (diasporan) of the (tōn) Hellenes (Hellēnōn), and (kai) teach (didaskein) the (tous) Hellenes (Hellēnas)!


John 7:36 (LIT/UBS4) What (tis) is (estin) this (houtos), the (ho) Word (logos) which (hon) he enunciated (eipen), ‘You shall search (zētēsete) for me (me), and (kai) you shall absolutely not find (ouch heurēsete) me (me)!?'  


And (kai), 'Of where (hopou) I (egō) am (eimi) you (humeis) can absolutely not inherently power yourselves (ou dunasthe) to come (elthein)!'?"


John 7:37 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) in (en) the (tē) last (eschatē) day (hēmera), the (tē) great (megalē) [day, RE] of the (tēs) feast (heortēs), the (ho) Jesus (Iēsous) had stood (heistēkei) and (kai) cried out (ekraxen), saying (legōn), “If perhaps (ean) anyone (tis) may thirst (dipsa) let him cause himself to come (erchesthō) to (pros) me (me) and (kai) drink (pinetō)!


John 7:38 (LIT/UBS4) The one (ho) believing (pisteuōn) into (eis) me (eme), down according to as (kathōs) the (hē) writing (graphē) enunciated (eipen), ‘out (ek) of the (tēs) belly (koilias) of him (autou) shall flow (rheusousin) rivers (potamai) of living (zōntos) water (hudatos).’


(See Isa. 12:3, 55:1, 58:11; Ezek. 47:1; Joel 3:18; Zech. 13:1, 14:8)


John 7:39 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) this (touto) he enunciated (eipen) about (peri) the (tou) Spirit (pneumatos), which (ho) the (hoi) ones having believed (pisteusantes) into (eis) him (auton) are being about (emellon) to receive (lambanein);


because (gar) Spirit (pneuma) was absolutely not yet being (oupō ēn) [poured out, vActs 2:17-18, 33, 10:45; Tit. 3:4-7, RE], because (hoti) Jesus (Iēsous) was but absolutely not yet (oudepō) glorified (edoxasthē)


(See John 7:39, *20:21-22; Acts 2:2.  Was Jesus telling them what to listen for, and what to do when the day of Pentecost arrives?)


(For what is God’s prophesied true “tent”, his new holy place under his new covenant, the prophesied promise of the Father to place himself into believers to live in them as his new permanent domicile, a true “tent” not built with mortal’s hands but with his own hand, see Ex. 15:17; 2 Sam. 7:5-16; Isa. 8:14; Ezek. 11:16; Joel 2:28-29; Amos 9:11-12; Mat. 3:11, 16:18, 26:61, 27:39-40; Mark 14:58, 15:29; Luke 3:21-22, 24:49; *John 2:19-22, 3:1-, 4:20-24, 7:37-39, 14:2, *23; Acts 1:4-5, 2:16-18, 33, 38-39, *7:44-50, *15:16-18, *17:24, *20:28; *Rom. 8:9-11, 12:4-5; 1 Cor. *3:16-17, *6:19-20, 10:16-17, 12:12-28; *2 Cor. 5:1, *6:16-18; Gal. 3:14, 22; Eph. 1:13-14, 22-23, *2:17-22, 3:6, 4:11-16, 5:30-32; Col. 1:18-27, 2:6-10, 3:15; *1 Thes. 5:9-11; *1 Tim. 3:15; *2 Tim. 1:14; Heb. *3:4-6, 8:2, *9:11-15, *24, 10:21, 36; 1 Pet. 2:4-5; 1 John 4:12-16; Rev. 3:12, 7:15, 11:19, *13:6, *21:3, 22)


(For what is Spirit, see John 4:24)


(See Mark 16:19; John 7:39, 13:32; Acts 2:33; Heb. 12:2; 1 Pet. 1:8)


John 7:40 (LIT/UBS4) Therefore (oun), [some, AE] out (ek) of the (tou) crowd (ochlou), they having heard (akousantes) the (tōn) Words (logōn) of these (toutōn), they were saying (elegon), “This one (houtos) is (estin) truly (alēthōs) the (ho) prophet (prophētēs)!” 

John 7:41 (LIT/UBS4) Other ones (alloi) were saying (elegon), “This one (houtos) is (estin) the (ho) Christ (Christos)?”


But (de) ones (hoi) were saying (elegon), “Because (gar) <does> not (mē) the (ho) Christ (Christos) cause himself to come (erchetai) out (ek) of the (tēs) Galilee (Galilaias)!?


John 7:42 (LIT/UBS4) <Has> the (hē) writing (graphē) absolutely not enunciated (ouch eipen) that (hoti) out (ek) of the (tou) seed/sperm (spermatos) of David (Dauid), and (kai) from (apo) Bethlehem (Bēthleem), of the (tēs) village (kōmēs) where (hopou) David (Dauid) was being (ēn), the (ho) Christ (Christos) causes himself to come (erchetai)!?”


(See Psalm 110, 132; Isa. 11:1, 10; Jer. 23:5; Mic. 5:2-3)


John 7:43 (LIT/UBS4) Therefore (oun), [a] schism (schisma) caused itself to come to pass (egeneto) among (en) the (tō) crowd (ochlō), through (di’) [the sake, AE] of him (auton).


(For the teachings and ministry of Jesus Christ affecting division among the people of Israel, see Mat. 3:10-12, 10:34-39; Luke 2:34, 3:9, 16-17, 12:49-53; John 7:43, 9:16, 10:19, 15:6; 2 Thes. 1:8-9; Heb. 1:7; and division among the ethnic groups, see 1 Cor. 1:10-11, 11:18-19, 12:25)   


John 7:44 (LIT/UBS4) But (de) some (tines) out (ex) of them (autōn) were desiring (ēthelon) to catch (piasai) him (auton).  


BUT (all’), absolutely not one (oudeis) threw (epebalen) upon (ep’) him (auton) the (tas) hands (cheiras) [of him, AE]!


John 7:45 (LIT/UBS4) Therefore (oun), the (ho) under-oarsmen5257 (hupēretai) came (ēlthon) to (pros) the (tous) chief sacrificial priests (archiereis) and (kai) Pharisees (Pharisaious).  


And (kai) these ones (ekeinoi) enunciated (eipon) to them (autois), “Through (dia) [the sake, AE] of what (ti) did you absolutely not lead (ouk ēgagete) him (auton) [here, AE]!?”


John 7:46 (LIT/UBS4) The (hoi) under-oarsmen5257 (hupēretai) were caused to make [a] decision (apekrithēsan), “But absolutely not at any time (oudepote) <has> [a] mortal (anthrōpos) spoken (elalēsen) thusly (houtōs)!”


John 7:47 (LIT/UBS4) Therefore (oun), the (hoi) Pharisees (pharisaioi) were caused to make [a] decision (apekrithēsan) for them (autois), “You (humeis) also (kai) have not been caused to wander (mē peplanēsthe)?


John 7:48 (LIT/UBS4) Not (mē) anyone (tis) out (ek) of the (tōn) chief ones758 (archontōn), or (ē) out (ek) of the (tōn) Pharisees (Pharisaiōn), believed (episteusen) into (eis) him (auton)?


John 7:49 (LIT/UBS4) BUT (alla), the (ho) crowd (ochlos), this one (houtos), the one (ho) not (mē) knowing (ginōskōn) the (ton) law (nomon), they are (eisin) accursed (eparatoi)!”


John 7:50 (LIT/UBS4) Nicodemus (Nikodēmos) says (legei) to (pros) them (autous), (the one (ho) having come (elthōn) to (pros) him (auton), the one (to) previously (proteron) being (ōn) one (heis) out (ex) of them (autōn)),


(See John 3:2)


John 7:51 (LIT/UBS4) The (ho) law (nomos) of us (hēmōn) does not judge ( krinei) the (ton) mortal (anthrōpon) if perhaps (ean) not (mē) first (prōton) it may hear (akousē) him (autou) aside (par'), and (kai) it may know (gnō) what (ti) he does (poiei)?”


John 7:52 (LIT/UBS4) They were caused to make [a] decision (apekrithēsan), and (kai) they enunciated (eipan) to him (autō), “Are (ei) not (mē) you (su) also (kai) out (ek) of the (tēs) Galilee (Galilaias)!? 


Search (eraunēson), and (kai) see (ide) that (hoti) out (ek) of the (tēs) Galilee (Galilaias) [a] prophet (prophētēs) is absolutely not awakened (ouk egeiretai)!”


John 7:53 (LIT/UBS4) Not authentic, trustworthy scholars consider this passage to be another forgery into the biblical text.


(For John 7:53 – 8:11, of the seven highly respected textual critics, Griesbach considers it doubtful, and Lachmann, Tischendorf, Tregelles and Alford omit it.)