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Chapter 11


11:1 But (de) the (hoi) apostles (apostoloi) and (kai) the (hoi) brothers (adelphoi), the ones (hoi) being (ontes) down throughout (kata) the (tēn) Judea (Ioudaian), heard (ēkousan) that (hoti) the (ta) ethnic groups (ethnē) also (kai) caused themselves to receive (edexanto) the (ton) Word (logon) of the (tou) God (theou).


11:2 But (de) when (hote) Peter (Petros) went up (anebē) into (eis) Jerusalem (Hierousalēm), the ones (hoi) out (ek) of circumcision (peritomēs) were causing themselves to thoroughly keep on questioning (diekrinonto) toward (pros) him (auton),


11:3 saying (legontes) that (hoti), “You entered in (eisēlthes) toward (pros) males (andras) having (echontas) [a] prepuce (akrobustian), and (kai) you ate together with (sunephages) them (autois)!?”


11:4 But (de) having caused himself to start (arxamenos), Peter (Petros) was causing himself to put [it, AE] out (exetitheto) to them (autois), adjoining [it, AE] down (kathexēs), saying (legōn),


11:5 “I (egō) was being (ēmēn) in (en) [the] city (polei) of Joppa (Ioppē), causing myself to be well-thankful to4336 (proseuchomenos) [God, AE], and (kai) in (en) [an] ecstasy (ekstasei) I saw (eidon) [a] vision (horama):


There was coming down (katabainon) [a] certain (ti) vessel (skeuos) like (hōs) [a] great (megalēn) linen sheet (othonēn), being sent down (kathiemenēn) out (ek) of the (tou) heaven (ouranou) [by, AE] four (tessarsin) beginning ones (archais), and (kai) it came (ēlthen) unto (achri) me (emou);


11:6 into (eis) which (hēn) [vessel, v5, RE] I having gazed intently (atenisas), I was perceiving entirely (katenooun).


And (kai) I saw (eidon) the (ta) four-footed animals (tetrapoda) of the (tēs) land (gēs), and (kai) the (ta) wild animals (thēria), and (kai) the (ta) crawling animals (herpeta), and (kai) the (ta) flying animals (peteina) of the (tou) heaven (ouranou).


11:7 But (de) I heard kousa) [a] voice (phōnēs) also (kai), saying (legousēs) to me (moi), “Having stood up (anastas) Peter (Petre), sacrifice (thuson) and (kai) eat (phage)!”


11:8 But (de) I enunciated (eipon), “Not anything (mēdamōs), lord (kurie);


because (hoti) but absolutely not at any time (oudepote) <did> [a] common (koinon) or (ē) unclean thing (akatharton) enter in (eisēlthen) into (eis) the (to) mouth (stoma) of me (mou)!”


11:9 But (de) [[the] lord, v8, RE] being caused to make [a] decision (apekrithē), out (ek) [a] second [time, AE] (deuterou) [a] voice (phōnē) out (ek) of the (tou) heaven (ouranou), “Things which (ha) the (ho) God (theos) cleansed (ekatharisen), you (su) do not make common (koinou)."


11:10 But (de) this (touto) caused itself to come to pass (egeneto) upon (epii) three (tris) [times, AE], and (kai) absolutely everything (hapanta) was drawn up (anespasthē) again (palin) into (eis) the (ton) heaven (ouranon)!


11:11 And (kai) behold (idou), at once (exautēs) three (treis) males (andres) loomed (epestēsan) over (epi) the (tēn) house (oikian) in (en) which (hē) I was being men), having been sent (apestalmenoi) to (pros) me (me) from (apo) Caesarea (Kaisareias)!


11:12 But (de) the (to) Spirit (pneuma) enunciated (eipen) to me (moi) to go together with (sunelthein) them (autois), having thoroughly questioned (diakrinanta) not one thing (mēden).


But (de) the (hoi) six (hex) brothers (adelphoi) also (kai), these ones (houtoi) came lthon) together with (sun) me (emoi), and (kai) we entered in (eisēlthomen) into (eis) the (ton) house (oikon) of the (tou) male (andros).


11:13 But (de) he reported (apēngeilen) to us (hēmin) how (pōs) he saw (eiden) [a] messenger (angelon) having been stood (stathenta) in (en) the (tō) house (oikō) of him (autou), and (kai) having enunciated (eiponta), “Send (aposteilon) into (eis) Joppa (Ioppēn) and (kai) cause yourself to send (metapempsai) Simon (Simōna) [back, AE], the one (ton) being called upon aloud (epikaloumenon) Peter (Petron);


11:14 who (hos) shall speak (lalēsei) statements (rhēmata) to (pros) you (se), in (en) which (hois) you (su), and (kai) all (pas) the (ho) house (oikos) of you (sou) shall be made whole (sōthēsē)."


11:15 But (de) in (en) the (tō) start of me to cause myself (arxasthai me) to speak (lalein), the (to) Spirit (pneuma), the (to) holy one (hagion), fell (epepesen) upon (ep) them (autous) so be it as (hōsper) upon (eph’) us (hēmas) also (kai) in (en) [the] beginning (archē).


11:16 But (de) I was reminded (emnēsthēn) of the (tou) statement (rhēmatos) of the (tou) lord (kuriou), as (hōs) he was saying (elegen), "Truly (men), John (Iōannēs) water (hudati) baptized (ebaptisen).


But (de) you (humeis) shall be baptized (baptisthēsesthe) in (en) holy (hagiō) Spirit (pneumati)!"


11:17 Therefore (oun), if (ei) the (ho) God (theos) gave (edōken) to them (autois) the (tēn) equal (isēn) gift (dōrean) as (hōs) [he gave, RE] to us (hēmin) also (kai), we having believed (pisteusasin) over (epi) [the sake, AE] of the (ton) lord (kurion) Jesus (Iēsoun) Christ (Christon), [was it, AE] I (egō) who (tis) was causing myself to be (ēmēn) one inherently powered (dunatos) to cut off (kōlusai) the (ton) God (theon)!?”


11:18 But (de) they having heard (akousantes) these things (tauta), they refrained (hēsuchasan).


And (kai) they glorified (edoxasan) the (ton) God (theon), saying (legontes), “So (ara), the (ho) God (theos) gave (edōken) to the (tois) ethnic groups (ethnesin) also (kai) the (tēn) repentance (metanoian) into (eis) life (zōēn)!”


11:19 Therefore (oun), truly (men), the ones (hoi) having been sown through (diasparentes) from (apo) the (tēs) mental pressure (thlipseōs) of the thing (tēs) having caused itself to come to pass (genomenēs) over (epi) Stephen (Stephanō), they came through (diēlthon) until (heōs) Phenice (Phoinikēs), and (kai) Cyprus (Kuprou), and (kai) Antioch (Antiocheias), ones speaking (lalountes) the (ton) Word (logon) to not one (mēdeni), if (ei) not (mē) to only (monon) Judeans (Ioudaiois).


11:20 But (de) some (tines) males (andres) out (ex) of them (autōn) were being (ēsan) Cypriots (Kuprioi), and (kai) Cyrenians (Kurēnaioi), ones who (hoitines), having come (elthontes) into (eis) Antioch (Antiocheian), were speaking (elaloun) to (pros) the (tous) Hellenists (Hellēnistas) also (kai), causing themselves to evangelize (euangelizomenoi) the (ton) lord (kurion) Jesus (Iēsoun).


11:21 And (kai) [the] hand (cheir) of [the] lord (kuriou) was being n) with (met’) them (autōn), and (te) [a] large (polus) number (arithmos), the ones (ho) having believed (pisteusas), turned (epestrepsen) over (epi) [the sake, AE] of the (ton) lord (kurion).


11:22 But (de) the (ho) word (logos) about (peri) them (autōn) was heard (ēkousthē) in (eis) the (ta) earsta) of the (tēs) assembly (ekklēsias), the one (tēs) being (ousēs) in (en) Jerusalem (Hierousalēm).


And (kai) they sent out (exapesteilan) Barnabas (Barnaban) to go through (dielthein) until (heōs) Antioch (Antiocheias);


11:23 who (hos) having caused himself to become alongside3854 (paragenomenos), and (kai) having seen (idōn) the (tēn) grace (charin), the one (tēn) of the (tou) God (theou), he was caused to rejoice (echarē).


And (kai) he was accosting (parekalei) the (tē) preparation (prothesei) of the (tēs) heart (kardias) of everyone (pantas) to stay toward (prosmenein) the (tō) lord (kuriō);


11:24 because (hoti) he was being n) [a] good (agathos) male (anēr), and (kai) one full (plērēs) of holy (hagiou) Spirit (pneumatos) and (kai) belief (pisteōs).


And (kai) [a] suitable (hikanos) crowd (ochlos) was added (prosetethē) to the (tō) lord (kuriō).


(This is Barnabas' and Paul's first recorded itinerary together.)


11:25 But (de) he came out (exēlthen) into (eis) Tarsus (Tarson), to search up327 (anazētēsai) Saul (Saulon).


11:26 And (kai) he having found (heurōn) [Saul, v25, RE], he led (ēgagen) [him, AE] into (eis) Antioch (Antiocheian).


But (de) it caused itself to come to pass (egeneto) for them (autois), and (kai) for [a] whole (holon) year (eniauton), to be brought together (sunachthēnai) in (en) to the (tē) assembly (ekklēsia), and (kai) to teach (didaxai) [a] suitable (hikanon) crowd (ochlon);


and (te) for the (tous) disciples (mathētas) to be admonished (chrēmatisai) first (prōtōs) in (en) Antioch (Antiocheia) [as, AE] Christians (Christianous).


11:27 But (de) in (en) the (tais) days (hēmerais) to these (tautais) prophets (prophētai) came down (katēlthon) from (apo) Jerusalem (Hierosolumōn) into (eis) Antioch (Antiocheian).


11:28 But (de) one (heis) out (ex) of them (autōn) by name (onomati) of Agabus (Hagabos), he having stood up (anastas), he signified (esēmanen) through (dia) the (tou) Spirit (pneumatos) for [a] great (megalēn) famine (limon) to be about (mellein) to cause itself to be (esesthai) over (eph’) [the] whole (holēn) inhabited land (oikoumenēn);


one which (hētis) caused itself to come to pass (egeneto) over (epi) [the time, AE] of Claudius (Klaudiou).


11:29 But (de) of the (tōn) disciples (mathētōn), down as (kathōs) anyone (tis) was causing himself to have [a] resource (euporeito), each one (hekastos) of them (autōn) segregated (hōrisan) [it, AE] to send (pempsai) [it, AE] into (eis) [a] ministry (diakonian) to the (tois) brothers (adelphois) homing-down (katoikousin) in (en) the (tē) Judaea (Ioudaia);


11:30 which (ho) [ministry, v29, RE] they did (epoiēsan) also (kai), they having sent (aposteilantes) [resources, v29, RE] to (pros) the (tous) elders (presbuterous) through (dia) [the] hand (cheiros) of Barnabas (Barnaba) and (kai) Saul (Saulou).