Sunset Golf - Miniature Golf And Driving Range - Pittsburgh's South Hills

Sunset Golf
3501 Brownsville Rd
South Park Township, PA 15129

June 15, 2019

Beware of this miniature golf course.  My wife and I, and son-in-law and his wife, and our grand daughter, visited this place today.  The miniature golf course play started off harmless enough, until about half way through.  My wife and I are sixty-six now and my eyes are failing, not so good.  I wear corrective lenses for far-sightedness, and have other issues with floaters (dirt) in my eyes, and other issues.  My wife wears mostly contacts, with floaters (dirt) and other issues as well.  About half-way through the course the secret attendant(s) started shooting water, treated or not with chemicals, filtered or unfiltered from pollutants, into my eyes, from several locations, on at least three or four occasions, as well as at the eyes of other members of the family; from several locations in the boat, from the cannon, and from the pirate's crow's nest from above, and other locations.  And after that, as I moved further along in the course, they shot at my eyes from the whale, no warning they were aiming at my eyes.  The owners and staff seem to be all wrapped up in their own personal welfare, until a lawsuit comes along. 


We noticed nothing posted to make us aware that they are doing this to people, or about which holes in the course they were doing this.  At several holes when you bend over to pick the golf ball out of the hole, and your face is directly over the hole, as soon as you pull the ball out of the hole they tried to blast my eyes with filthy, dirty water.  I believe they hit a couple of us.  I was very angry that they couldn't care less about the safety of the eyes of my 4 year grand daughter.


They don't just aim at your knees, but at your eyes, mostly at your eyes, several times, from several locations.  The targeting is done from someone watching you from a place out of your sight, assumed to be through a camera, and coordinated to shoot at you especially when you are not looking, so they can get a good positive hit on you.  Until the moment you can't see out of your eyes anymore, you don't even know that there is some sick bastard somewhere targeting you.  No warning at all, and a hit in the eyes, is how they get their psychological orgasms.  They don't care if they do damage to your eyes.  These water jets are all carefully built into the course, and many are remotely controlled, such as the Pirate's crow's nest and the whale for certain.  You can't see the camera(s) from which they are watching you, to shoot at you, and they deliberately try to shoot at not only your knees but at your eyes, especially when you are not looking or expecting it. They assume to take control of your eyes with their chemically or un-chemically, filtered or unfiltered filthy water, at their own will, without you knowing or approving of them to use your eyes as their targets. 


When the course was over and we were walking away, there was a somewhat short, scraggly/filthy-looking, fellow standing out in back of the sign-in building, eating something, and staring at me with this big grin on his face.  From my experience, at Sunset Golf the mini golf course is no longer just a harmless game for you, but a way for employee(s) to use and abuse you at their own will, for their own sick purposes.  It's sick bullying when your eyes are picked on from a place where you can’t see them watching you, and from water jets which are hidden from you.  Yes, sick cowards, stupid and ignorant sons of bitches.  If you may be interested in protecting your eyes from dirt and/or unknown chemicals, stay away from this place, these people don’t give a damn about you at all.  From my experience, you are there to be their play toys, that’s it!  Yes, I believe this place is only a very short step away, a lawsuit away from waking up from their own preservation of their own self importance.  If it is just one sicko there, doing this to people, then what kind of people deliberately build this eye-targeting into their whole operation, deliberately disguised and hidden?  Yes, this is a company not caring at all for the safety and health of customers.